Pest Mosquito Insect Repeller Key Clip Eco-Friendly Electronic Ultrasonic for Outdoor Living

Key Clip Eco-Friendly Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Mosquito Insect Repeller for Outdoor Living

Pest Type: Mosquitoes
Pest Control Type: Electronic Ultrasonic Pest
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Stocked
The mosquito repeller uses an advanced technolgy insect repellent that makes
outdoor living and activities more enjoyable from the annoyance of mosquitoes ,
it work to help protect you while you are fishing, camping, hiking, camping,
jogging, on the golf.
How to use:
Open the battery cover, into a CR2032 coin cell battery with the literal outward
Switch to the right product for the simulation of the middle voice of dragonflies
and bats, allocated to the right location for the simulation of sound public jitter
mosquito wings. Switch is turned off to the left
Press the light switch. Will show the product at the bottom of the light bulb,
lighting at night can help
Note that when using waterproof.
When using this product, the product should not be a barrier between the body.
This product is for humans, pets, household appliances and the environment are
without prejudice
CR2032 coin cell battery (included)

Item size: 55*35*15mm
Color: Silver
Net weight: 14g
Package weight: 22g

Package Content:
1 X  Mosquito Insect Repeller key clip ( Without Batteries)