RM3100 high precision 3-axis magnetic field meter

PNI geomagnetic sensor RM3100. The PNI three-dimensional magnetic sensor kit RM3100, RM3100 consists of two SEN-XY sensors, one SEN-Z sensor and the driving chip MagI2C.
PNI geomagnetic sensor technology provides high-resolution, low-power geomagnetic sensors, which have the characteristics of high resolution, high repeatability and low noise. In the entire operating temperature range, RM3100 has a wide range of measurement applications, excellent anti-noise ability, no hysteresis and very stable temperature characteristics. Not only that, the PNI magnetic sensor is also the lowest power geomagnetic sensor in the industry. MagI2C driver chip for RM3100 magnetic sensor
Advantages of PNI magnetic sensor:
  • Wide magnetic field measurement range +/-800uT
  • Low noise 15 nT@200 Cycle C ount
  • High resolution 13 nT@200 Cycle C ount
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully comply with RoHs standards
  • Use commonly used surface mount packages
PNI magnetic sensor application range:
  • Handheld device (mobile phone, PND, PDA, etc.)
  • Video game controller
  • TV remote
  • camera
  • robot                                      
  • Rearview Mirror
  • Patrol car navigation system