SPP-C Bluetooth Serial Adapter UART Module Replace HC-05/06

SPP-C Bluetooth switch serial adapter module group replace hc-05/06 from machine


Electrical characteristics        
Absolute Maximum Ratings        
Rating Min Max    
Storage temperature -40eC +150 eC    
Supply voltage: VBAT -0.4V 5.6V    
Other terminal voltages VSS-0.4V VDD + 0.4V    
Recommended Operating Conditions        
Operating Condition Min Max    
Operating temperature range -40 ° C + 150 ° C    
Guaranteed RF performance range. ' -40 ° C + 150 ° C    
Supply voltage: VBAT 2.2V 42v     
Operation Mode C onnection Type UART Rate (kbps) Average Unit
Page scan - 115.2 0.42 mA
ACL No traffic Master 115.2 4.6 mA
ACL With file transfer Master 115.2 10.3 mA
ACL 1.28s smff Master 38.4 0.37 mA
ACL 1.28s smff Slave 38.4 0.42 mA
SCO HV3 30ms smff Master 38.4 19.8 mA.
SCO HV3 30ms smff Slave 38.4 19 mA
Standby Host connection - 38.4 40 ua


Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR

Bluetooth Class 2

Built-in PCB radio frequency antenna

Support UART interface

3.3V power supply

Status indication LED: P12
Used to indicate the status of the Bluetooth module, LED flashing mode and Bluetooth module status corresponding to the following table:
Mode LED Displays the module status
(800 ms-on, 800 ms-off) waiting for pairing
Long to establish a connection

Host interrupt indication: P05
Used to indicate whether the host is interrupted or not, the connection status is high, and other states are low.
1, SPP-CA Bluetooth module serial port level to be 3.3V, if and 5V level system connection need to increase the level conversion chip.

2, the Bluetooth signal affected by the surrounding large, such as trees, metal, walls and other obstacles to the Bluetooth signal will have a certain absorption or shielding, it is recommended not to install in the metal shell.

3, because the metal will weaken the antenna function, it is recommended to the module Lay board, the module under the antenna and not shop and alignment, it is best to hollow out.