Star War / Bike Drone / Quadcopter Remote Controlled

This Drone has a 4 Rotor Design with 6 Axis Gyroscope, which Achieves super Wind Performance. This Drone additionally Contains Blade Protection Device to keep sharp edges from Damage amid an Accidental Crash. • This Drone has Colorful Flashing Lights and they can shine when it's getting somewhat Dark. Capacities Include, Ascend, Descend, Turn Left, Turn Right, Backward, Forward, Trimming, One-Key Return, 3 D Tumbling Action, Accelerating, Auto Demo Function. 


* Built-in 6-Axis Gyro 

* Hight Altitude Hold automatical 

* Stable Hovering 

* Forward, backward,Left, Right, Side - flying 

* Steering 

* 3D Tumbling 

* Stunt Function 

* LED Navigation Light 

* Blade Protection 

The Quadcopter contains Rechargeable Battery which can be accused of the Charger Provided in the Package . The Remote requires 3 AA ( Pencil Cell) Batteries excluded in the Package.