Stepper Motor Driver DM542 Voltage 20-50VDC Current 1.0-4.2A For 57 86 Series 2-phase Digital Stepper Motor

Phase: 2 phase
Voltage: 20-50V DC
Pulse Frequency: 200KHz
Current: 4.2A
Vibration: 10-50Hz/0.15mm
Driver integrated over voltage and over current protection
Input signal light isolation
Bipolar constant current chopping mode
DC power supply 20-50VDC (24-48VDC recommended)
Maximum drive current 4.2A
Output current dial switch is adjustable
Low speed zero vibration with minimal noise
Strong anti-interference ability, high precision status in the harsh environment of the power grid
High reliability: Power devices have sufficient margin and are rigorously tested at the factory. 

Package Includes:
1 X Stepper Motor Driver DM542