Students Learning Kit Digital Clock With AT89C2051 MCU for Electronic Enthusiasts

This product is a 4-digit digital clock kit, which needs to be welded and assembled by itself. It is suitable for the installation and learning of electronic enthusiasts and major electronic vocational schools.

Power supply: DC3.7V-5.5V

Special reminder: If you use it for a long time, it is recommended to use DC power supply, because if you use the ordinary 3 AA batteries, the power consumption is faster, it is not suitable for long-term use.

Function introduction:

 1. When the time is normal, the time is displayed.

2. The hour and minute are independently adjustable;

3. Time second correction function. 

4. You can fine tune the speed of the clock, 0--9 is adjustable, the default is in the 5th. 

5. Two alarm clocks, and the alarm switch can be set independently. 

6. The whole point prompt function, and can turn off the turn-on point reminder function.

7. Equipped with a battery interface, you can power off when you go. The battery only needs to be larger than 3V to ensure that the power is off. Use two 5th batteries, three 5th batteries, or a mobile phone battery. 

8. Countdown function, can count down within 99 minutes, countdown to end the alarm. 

9. The stopwatch function can realize the stopwatch function, pause the stopwatch and clear the stopwatch. 

10. The counter function can be implemented, and the number of key presses can be recorded. It is also possible to record the number of external pulses.