WZP-PT100 PT100 Thermal Resistance Platinum Temperature Sensor Probe

This Platinum thermal resistance probe is an accurate, sensitive, and stable temperature sensor with a large operating temperature range. The sensor has a stainless steal cased ceramic body which contains a small platinum thermal resistance wire allowing for temperatures to be measured between -200 and 420oC. The WZP serial has a small structure, wide range, good reliability, and short thermal response time. PTR sensors opperate by varying there resistance as a function of temperature with a close to linear relationship and minimal deviation. With low self heating the probe allows for a maximum of 5mA current resulting in a rise of not more than 0.3oC

Temperature gradient (0oC to 100oC): 0.385 Ohms/oC
Approx probe size: 30mm length x 4mm diameter
Approx cable length: 500mm


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