SMA  Male (hole inside ) to Male (hole inside)

SMA Male (hole inside ) to Male (hole inside)

Vibration MIL-STD-202, Method 213 

Characteristic Impedance 50Ω 

Frequency Range DC ~ 12.4GHz (Semi-Rigid Cable 0 ~ 18GHz) 

Operating Voltage 335V max 

Withstand Voltage 1000V rms (Sea Level Minimum) 

Contact Resistance  

Between Conductors ≤ 3 mΩ 

Between outer conductors ≤ 2 mΩ  

Insulation resistance ≥ 5000 MΩ 

Insertion loss ≤0.15 dB / 6GHz 

VSWR Straight flexible cable ≤1.10 + 0.002f 

Semi-rigid cable ≤1.05 + 0.001f 

Bent flexible cable ≤1.20  + 0.003f  

semi-rigid cable ≤1.10 + 0.001f  

Durability ≥500 cycles (cycles) 

Shell brass gold-  

plated pins brass gold-  

plated jacks Beryllium bronze Brass 

elastic contacts beryllium gold-plated  

insulator Poly four Fluorocarbon  

Crimping Sleeve Copper Alloy Nickel or Gold Plated  

o - Seal Silicone Rubber 

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