SparkFun Ultraviolet UV Sensor Breakout - ML8511

Description: The ML8511 breakout is simple to utilize bright light sensor. The MP8511 UV (bright) Sensor works by outputting an analog signal in connection to the measure of UV light that is distinguished. This breakout can be exceptionally helpful in making gadgets that caution the client of sunburn or recognize the UV list as it identifies with climate conditions.

This sensor recognizes 280-390nm light generally adequately. This is classified as a component of the UVB (copying beams) range and the majority of the UVA (tanning beams) range. It yields an analog voltage that is straightly identified with the deliberate UV force (mW/cm2). On the off chance that your microcontroller can complete analog to digital signals transformation, you can identify the dimension of UV!


Source: Sparkfun