Sharp GP2Y0A41SK0F 4-30cm Distance Sensor (Short Range)

  • it is a distance measuring sensor, made out of a coordinated blend of PSD, IR-LED and signal processing circuit. The assortment of the reflectivity of the question, the environmental temperature, and the working length are not impacted effectively. This gadget output the voltage compared to the recognition remove. So this sensor can likewise be utilized as a closeness sensor. 

    Sharp Infrared Sensor with the 4-30cm territory. This sensor is perfect with the Distance IR Bricklet. 

    1. Separation estimating sensor is joined with PSD, infrared LED and signal processing circuit.

    2. Short measuring cycle (16.5ms) 

    3. Distance measuring range: 4 to 30 cm 

    4. Package estimate (29.5 × 13.0 × 13.5mm) 

    5. Analog output type

  • Datasheet: