heatsink for raspberry pi (3PCS SET)

This is an aluminum heatsink pack utilized for cooling the chips on Raspberry Pi. Contrasting with different heatsinks, it has been joined with thermally conductive sticky tape, enabling the Raspberry Pi to cool all the more proficiently. In addition, the establishment is straightforward, what you have to do is to evacuate the heatsink insurance and stick it on Raspberry Pi. 

Accompanies 3 plates, of which 2 little and 1 huge. 

Why do you need to put a heatsink on your Raspberry Pi?

  • Decrease the danger of equipment disappointment due to overheating 
  • The heatsink is an unquestionable requirement for the overclocking 

Package Includes

  • 1x 14mm(L) x 14mm(W) x 5mm(H) SoC Heatsink
  • 1x 9mm(L) x 9mm(W) x 4mm(H) Voltage Regulator Heatsink
  • 1x 9mm(L) x 9mm(W) x 4mm(H) LAN9512 Heatsink
All heatsinks come with thermal tap attached at the bottom

Install Instructions

  • Ensure the chip modules are free from earth and oil 
  • Peel the defensive liner on the base of the heatsink 
  • Append the heatsink on the chip modules and apply firm weight