EMAX MT-1806 2280KV Brushless Motor for Mini FPV QAV250 Size Multicopters (Positive Thread Direction)

The Emax MT1806 is a 2280kv motor designed for use on min multi-copters like QAV250 Size Quadcopter. This motor is capable of producing up to 16.22 ounces (460g) of thrust with an APC 6 x 4E propeller.  These is two version of the Emax MT1806 2280kv motor which is designed to rotate clockwise (CW) or Counter Clock-wise when used on a multi-copter.  

The Emax MT1806 motor comes with an integrated rotor-end prop adapter. Counter-clockwise or Clockwise threading of the prop shaft prevents the prop nut from loosening during flight due to propeller torque resistance.