Product Description:

The fringe rich 8-bit PIC microcontrollers offer the best value/execution proportion in the business, with Flash, once programmable and ROM program memory alternatives. In view of a ground-breaking RISC center, these families highlight a typical design for simple relocation from 6 to 100 pins with almost no code change required. Microchip's High-Performance Architecture includes the PIC18 group of gadgets. These microcontrollers use a 16-bit program word engineering with 18-to 80-stick bundle alternatives. The PIC18 gadgets are superior microcontrollers with coordinated A/D converters. All PIC18 microcontrollers consolidate a propelled RISC engineering that bolsters Flash and OTP gadgets. The PIC18 has upgraded center highlights, 32 level-profound stack, and various inner and outer interferes. The different guidance and information transports of the Harvard engineering permit a 16-bit guidance word with independent 8-bit information. The two-arrange guidance pipeline empowers all directions to execute in a solitary cycle, with the exception of program branches, which require two cycles. A sum of 79 directions (decreased guidance set) are accessible. The PIC18 family has extraordinary highlights to lessen outside segments, in this way limiting cost, improving framework dependability and decreasing force utilization. The PIC18 family expands on the establishment built up by the other 8-bit PIC microcontrollers and gives builds a smooth, simple movement to these larger amounts of execution and capabilities.

  • 10 MIPS
  • 2.0-5.5 VDD (PIC18FXXJXX VDD= 2.0-3.6) 
  • 77 Instructions
  • Upwardly Compatible with PIC16C
  • 1 WDT on All Devices
  • C Compiler Efficient Instruction Set



A/D Inputs : 8-Channel, 10-Bit
Comparators : 2
CPU Speed : 10
EEPROM Memory : 256
Input Output : 36
Interface : I2C/SPI/USART
Memory Type : Flash
Number of Bits : 8
Package Type : 40-pin PDIP
Programmable Memory : 32K
RAM Size : 1.5K
Speed : 40
Timers : 1-8-bit, 3-16-bit
Voltage, Range : 2-5.5



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