ISD1760 Voice Recording Module Sound Sensor

Material: Plastic + iron + PCB
Power supply: 5V
Recording time: 6K hour 75 seconds, 8K hour 60 seconds
Chips working frequency is 6KHz and 8KHz, it can choose
With power indicator, indicator lamp chip
The operation is simple, it can work directly and does not need the chip or other modules
Chip control pin has led, convenient to control connection

ISD1700 module independent work instructions (according key to instruction):
Always hold down the REC key, at the same time, LED is bright, then speak to MIC, content of the talk will be recorded into the ISD1700 voice chip
After finishing, taking up this key, LED will go out, pressing again as beginning to record the second period, subsequent paragraphs operates like that
There are two ways of edge trigger and trigger. (Note: after recording, playback pointer stay in the final section as for start address, then it will play the last paragraph)
(1) edge trigger: press the PLAY key to put the current period during playback, LED always twinkle until the end of playback. After playing, the playback pointer to the end of the period just the start address, the PLAY button to put just put this paragraph when pressing again
(2) level trigger: used to press the PLAY key chip will put all of the voice information to play, and cycle until the release of this button
Implementation of playback ago, press this key, the playback pointer will point to the next section, press two times, it points to the segment after the second section. During playback click this button to stop playing the current segment and then broadcast the next paragraph, if the current player is the last paragraph, then stop playing the last paragraph and play the first
The operation of single block erase is effect on only the first and last paragraph, when playback pointer is located at the first or last paragraph, clicking this button will erase the first or last paragraph. Playback pointer is jumping to the erase before the second or last second paragraph. Often click this button more than 3 seconds, it is into the "all erase operating mode", while LED flash two times, and continue to press, the LED put off when it flashes the seventh times, then you loose this key, the voice information of chip are all erased
Click this button chip to perform reset operation. After resetting, play and record pointer point to the last paragraph, it means that playback indicator point to the last sections front, the recording indicator point to the last paragraph of the end. Then played the last paragraph, began to record the new last paragraph
Pressing this key can modulate the output voice size of chip. Chip voice default output for maximum value, each pressing, the sound is according to 4dB to dying out. Until the minimum voice, continue to click this button, each pressing, the voice increase 4dB (Note: after implementing reset, the output sound is maximum)
Connect FT pin and GND, continued to keep a low power conduction through mode. Operation of conduction through will make voice from the Analn end directly to the horn or AUD output. During the recording, if press FT, recorded the Analn into the speech signal, too