Arduino UNO R3 with USB cable (High Quality)


ATmega328 microcontroller

Input voltage - 7-12V

14 Digital I/O Pins (6 PWM outputs)

6 Analog Inputs

32k Flash Memory

16 Mhz Clock Speed


This is the new Arduino Uno R3. Notwithstanding every one of the highlights of the past board, the Uno currently utilizes an ATmega16U2 rather than the 8U2 found on the Uno (or the FTDI found on past ages). This considers quicker exchange rates and more memory. No drivers required for Linux or Mac (inf record for Windows is required and incorporated into the Arduino IDE), and the capacity to have the Uno appear as a console, mouse, joystick, and so on.

The Uno R3 likewise includes SDA and SCL sticks beside the AREF. What's more, there are two new sticks set close to the RESET stick. One is the IOREF that enable the shields to adjust to the voltage gave from the board. The other is a not associated and is held for future purposes. The Uno R3 works with every single existing shield however can adjust to new shields which utilize these extra sticks.


The Arduino Uno R3 requires the Arduino 1.0 drivers’ organizer so as to introduce legitimately on a few PCs. We have tried and affirmed that the R3 can be customized in more established variants of the IDE. In any case, the first run through utilizing the R3 on another PC, you should have Arduino 1.0 introduced on that machine. If you are keen on perusing progressively about the progressions to the IDE, look at the official Arduino 1.0 Release notes!

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