NOKIA 5110 (51x10) LCD

Nokia 5110 LCD _ SKU: A0122


Nokia 5110 LCD is a 84*48 pixels framework LCD... Dark text on Blue foundation. Nokia 5110 LCD is minimal effort, monochrome LCD with an 84x48 presentation. It is prominent for 8-bit AVR/PIC ventures, scan google for "Nokia 5510 LCD", and you will discover bunches of assets. Note: The Blue backdrop illumination LCMs stick contrasts and White backdrop illumination LCMs on the inverse.




Its perfect with Nokia 3310, the code is the equivalent for Nokia 3310 and 5110, so there is the instant Arduino library for this LCD. 

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, you could download the improved library for Nokia 51110 and could reference the post here.