Camera Lens Protector Petal Sun Hood Sunshade For Phantom 3

In the backlight, side light or flash photography, to prevent the entry of non-imaging light to avoid haze.
In the light and side light photography along, to avoid scattering light into the lens around.
In the light photography or night photography, to avoid the interference of light into the lens around.
The lens can prevent accidental injury, also avoid finger inadvertently lens surface, but also to a certain extent for the lens block sand, rain and snow.
Size: 37mm*35mm*34mm
Net Weight: 3g

Package includes:
1 x Camera Lens Protector

Hood is widely used in backlighting photography, generally avoid glare. However, if the light source from the past, is still possible glare. At this point, you can hand on the side where the light source is blocked hood. Whether or eliminate glare, clearly observed from the viewfinder.
Carbon Edition: Carbon fiber material processing, bending process, and better shading effect, POST will not hit the ground, strength and weight are very good.