48mm LEGO Omni wheel

48 mm Lego (lego) compatible omnidirectional wheel (omni wheels) Mindstorm's NXT compatible with an all-wheel-hub NXT Arduino compatible hub motor shaft. Can be rotated 360 degrees, sports lightweight, solid structure, suitable for different environments, low maintenance costs, designed to manual and electric conveyor belt system services, such as rail transport, workstations turntables, robot wheels and so on.
Body Roller color: black / gray 
wheel diameter: 48 mm 
roll diameter: 13 mm 
Body material: Nylon 
roll material: TPR 
load capacity: 2 kg 
net weight: 39G
Key Features: 
360-degree maneuverability 
simple and stable mounting options 
rugged construction 
for the hub, including other Arduino motor 
easier directional control and tracking 
maintenance costs low