6 DOF Manipulator Aluminum Robot Arm (hand) with Claw and Base

(Servos are not included in this package)

The robot can be rotated three-dimensional objects in  front crawl , robots elongation distance is long, the bottom of the  platform through a fixed platform with lots of M3 mounting holes, can  be easily installed in a fixed place, saving a lot of complicated structures, so that the whole structure of the robot is very lean, but  also saves a lot of costs. Achieve the same function, why let the structure becomes complicated, believe your eyes, more applications waiting for you to discover!

Standard aluminum bracket versatile, high strength, lightweight, high technology precision.

You can install the following steering ( servo motor): South  Korea's HS322, HS422, 995, etc.  Fraser steering, support Hitec, Parallax, Futaba, Fraser and other brands ( size of about 40 × 20 × 36mm) standard servos.

Mechanical claw Material: 2mm  Hard aluminum

Mechanical claw Weight: about  68g ( without motor )

Mechanical claw maximum opening angle: 55mm ( without expansion board when the maximum opening angle spacing  55mm, after installing the largest expansion board is 95mm)

The overall length of claw: 108mm ( the maximum overall length of the claws closed )

The overall width of claw: 98mm (  maximum overall width of the opening when the claw)

Please note it is not assembled and it doesn't come with manual, buyers have to assemble themselves

Packing Included:
Multifunctional bracket X 5
Long U shape bracket X 3
L shape bracket X 1
Cup bearing X 3
Screw nut X 1 set
Alloy mechanical claw X 1
U beam bracket X 2
Metal servo horn X 6

A full set of mounting screws