This Gas Sensor Module includes an MQ-2 sensor which can recognize liquor, carbon monoxide, smoke, and other unsafe gases. 

The MQ-2 sensor is an adaptable gas sensor equipped for distinguishing an extensive variety of gases including liquor, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, isobutene, melted oil gas, methane, propane and smoke. This module has both a 3 pin male header interface and a "woods" style connector. 


Join the (V) Voltage and (G) Ground pins to a 5V control supply and after that and simple (S) Signal yield pins to a simple contribution on your microcontroller. The voltage read for the (S) Signal will relate to the measure of gas present.


  • ·         Wide detecting scope 
  • ·         Fast response and High sensitivity 
  • ·         Stable 
  • ·         Simple drive circuit 
  • ·         Type:MQ-2 
  • ·         Gas:Smog 
  • ·         Detection Zone:300 to 10000ppmm 
  • ·         Characteristic Gas:1000ppmmIso-Butane 
  • ·         Sensitivity:R in air/Rin typical gas≥5 
  • ·         Sensitive Resistance:1KΩ to 20KΩ in 50ppm Toluene 
  • ·         Response Time:≤10s 
  • ·         Recovery Time:≤30s 
  • ·         Heating Resistance:31Ω±3Ω 
  • ·         Heating Current:≤180mA 
  • ·         Heating Voltage:5.0V±0.2V 
  • ·         Heating Power: ≤900mW 
  • ·         Measuring Voltage:≤24V 
  • ·         Conditions:Ambient Temperature:-20℃~+55℃ 
  • ·         Humidity:≤95%RH 
  • ·         Oxygen Content:21%


             They are used in gas leakage detecting equipments in family and industry, are suitable for detecting of LPG, i-butane, propane, methane ,alcohol, Hydrogen, smoke


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