CCPM Servo Tester

This servo tester is a straightforward servo testing device at an exceptional cost! 


Voltage Input: 4.8~6v 

Test Modes: Manual, Neutral, and Auto 

Associate and test up to 3 servos all the while 


(1) Output: ≤ 15mA (5.0) 

(2) Input: DC 4.2-6.0v 

(3) Output Signal: 1.5ms ± 0.5ms 

(4) Size: 46 * 32 * 17MM 

(5) Weight: 8g 

(6) Adjustment: manual, programmed, with a middle 

Characteristics: the capacity to effectively recognize and arrange the server's virtual spaces, jitter, and middle. 

Associate two servos or ESC; MCU control, great security high precision. Turn the handle, directing can be identified. 

On the off chance that you associate the electronic senator (brush or brushless accessible), you can dispose of the remote control gadget for manual control, the test tone for 

Speed or engine execution is extremely functional, no longer unwieldy interfacing the remote control and the collector. It is identical to a "hand 

Moving collector "work, by handle simple transmitters steerage