Liquid/Water Flow Sensor Meter (Flowmeter 0.3-6L/min)

Product Features:

1, the item appearance lightweight adaptable, little size, easy to install. 

2, trimmed with tempered steel impeller shaft, constantly wearable. 

3, seal with the structure under the power never spill. 

4, the Hall component imported from Germany, and with a preparing bundle, to avert water, never maturing. 

5, every single crude material are in accordance with ROHS testing guidelines

I. Introduction:

Water Flow sensor is basically made of a plastic body, the flow of the rotor gathering and a Hall sensor. Which is mounted in the channel end of the warmer, for identifying the flow of water when the water moves through the rotor gathering, As the speed of revolution of the rotor and the attractive flow change, a relating Hall sensor output beat Signal, the criticism to the controller, the controller decides the measure of the water stream, direct.


  • Non-violent shocks and chemical erosion.
  • Non-throwing or collision.                          
  • Mounted vertically, does not exceed 5 degrees inclination.                        
  • The medium temperature should not exceed 120 0 C.


Third, lead the way:

 1 red IN then positive 

OUT signal output line 2 Yellow

3 Black GND then negative

Frequency: F = 73 * Q (L / Min) -3   error: ± 2%    voltage: 3.5-24VDC, current can not exceed 10mA, finished a liter of water flow pulse output 4380

That constant frequency calculation = 73 * Unit Flow (L / min) * Time (sec) -3

Flow range :0.5-3L / min

Four, the technical parameters



Apply to water heaters, credit card machines, water vending machines, and other flow measurement devices!








1, the lowest rated working voltage

DC4.5 5V-24V

2, the maximum operating current

15 mA (DC 5V)

3, the operating voltage range

DC 5 ~ 18 V

4, a load capacity

≤ 10 mA (DC 5V)

5, temperature range

≤ 80 ℃

6, using the humidity range

35% ~ 90% RH (no condensation state)

7, allowing pressure

The following pressure 1.75Mpa

8, the storage temperature

-25 ~ + 80 ℃

9, save humidity

25% ~ 95% RH

  • External threads: 1/4"
  • temperature: -25~+80℃
  • Allowing pressure: pressure 1.75Mpa
  • Operating humidity range: 35%~90%RH (no frost)
  • Use temperature: ≤ 80℃
  • Load capacity: ≤ 10 mA (DC 5V)
  • Working voltage range: DC 5~18 v
  • Maximum operating current: 15 mA (DC 5V)
  • The lowest rated working voltage: DC4.5 5V-24V
  • Quantity:1PC
  • Size: 5.7cmX4cm/2.24''X1.57''
  • Color: white

Lead way:

  • Red  IN  connect the anode
  • Yellow  OUT  signal output line
  • Black  GND  connect the cathode