Coreless motor with propeller 8520 8.5x20mm (2 motor + 2 props)

Note: The length of the tail wire: 12CM. The color of the line is black and white and red and blue, the black and white line is positive, the red and blue line is reverse, red and blue are negative, and white and black are negative with heat dissipation holes!
Motor diameter: 8.5 MM
Motor length: 20 MM
Output shaft: 1.0 MM
Output shaft length: 5 MM
Tail line: 12cm
Weight: 5 g
Voltage: 3 V-5V
Current: 0.15 A
Rotating speed:
3V: 35000-37000 RPM
5V: around 50000 rpm


 8520 hollow cup, length 20MM, width 8.5  MM, motor cable length is about 12CM, the pulling force is more than 30 grams