Turnigy Multistar 4225 390Kv 16Pole

Look no further!

 The Turnigy Multistar outrunners are designed with one thing in mind - maximising performance! They feature high-end 45SH magnets, high quality NMB bearings, 16 Poles, custom motor mount and all are precision balanced for smooth running, these motors are engineered specifically for use.

 The 4225-390 includes a prop adapter(6mm) and has a built in aluminium mount for quick and easy installation on your frame. These motors are supplied inside a nice foam lined Multistar metal box.

KV(RPM/V): 390
Lipo cells: 6s
Max Surge Watts(W): 330
Working current: 11 amps
Max.current(10s): 15 amps
No Load Current: 0.2 amps
Intemal Resistance: 0.24 ohm
Number of Poles: 16
Dimensions(Dia.xL): 42 x 24.5 mm
Shaft: 3 mm
Prop: 12 x 3 - 12 x 6
Weight: 86g 



PRODUCT ID: 9392000007