21pcs Basic Electronics Lab Start up Tools box

21 -pack list

1  tool kit (or toolbox) a 

    set of 2 million meters (with a pair of pens)

3  lead-free soldering iron a 

4  electric pen a 

5  cutting pliers a 125mm long 

6  semi-aluminum suction tin 

7  small Phillips screwdriver a 

8  small word screwdriver a 

9-  necked scorpion a 

10  bend Tsui scorpion 

11  tin wire a 50g 

12  enameled wire a roll of 

13  iron frame a 

14 9V battery one (air transport into a knife blade) 

15  clean sponge a piece of 

16  rosin one (air transport to sponge 2) 

17  yellow brush a 

18  iron core One

19 iron head

20 small knives

21 pair of test pens