battery spot welding machine

Model No. SUNKKO787A

Main characteristics:

Welding metal thickness: less than 0.1 MM

Input voltage: AC 180 V ~ 240 V

Current Priminary: 2A ~ 15A;

Current Solder: 50A ~ 800A (Related to the 1 ms ~ 19 ms Pulse Range)

Solder Metal Plate Thickness: 0.1 ~ 0.15mm


Recharge Voltage Range: 4.2 ~ 15 V 
Recharge Current Range: 0 ~ 2A 
Dimensions: 140x245x200mm 
Net Weight : 4.3kg



1) Advanced MCU Current Controller achieved Micro-computer soldering needs.

2) Wide range of current and single / double pulse welding mode selection to perform powerful function

And high reliability.

3) Digital Single recharge function of constant current battery / constant recharge voltage.

4) MCU start control.

5) Digital touch control with temperature display has precise spot welding.

6) Battery recharge display in 2x3 digit LEDs.

7) Short circuit protection output at recharge.

8) For The welding assembly all kinds of mobile battery, notebook battery.


9) Also for processing precision metal welding parts.