FPV Card Board Google Goggles

cheap, simple 
as sensor increases, the complexity of the upgrade is not the only choice. 
The first generation FPV Cardboard cardboard carton includes Fresnel lenses, magic stickers, rubber bands and other components. 
FPV glasses placed in front of the Fresnel lens can monitor FPV
FPV Contact with the head part of the human body, comfortable to wear
simple, fun and inexpensive to experience the FPV
FPV Cardboard perfect match current market Hawkeye
more beautiful and durable
imported tile Lun paper, smooth surface to avoid collapse, wrinkles, delamination and so on.
FPV Cardboard 5-inch high-definition special Philippine mirror, the latest upgrade 0.3 Ring fine lines from Philippine mirror, imports of the high-permeability material, the projected image white transparent, crisp and clear, not yellow! Effectively improve the clarity of the screen, so that each screen serve one corner are highly uniform, clear and bright, colorful. Philippine mirror design ears, easy to install
The big picture long wears with no dizziness. 
fold, easy to carry
standard FPV signal box body with information to facilitate inquiries.
a headband with high quality, easy to use long-term wear

Material: Paper
Color: yellow
Mounting Size: 130 x 88 x 150mm/5.1 x 3.5 x 5.9 inch
Net weight: 143g
Package weight: 164g