10X4.5 1045 Nylon Propeller CW & CCW (pair)

This is 10x4.5 GWS electric propeller from a package.
This shape is configured to gearbox applications.
Features: Orange plastic construction
Face, given the size of propeller
Accepted in front of or behind the propeller of a 5.5 mm hex nut
Include: pusher
Requires the following steps: Install the propeller gearbox GWS


Length: 10 (254 mm)
Spacing: 4.5
Center hole diameter: 1/8 (3 mm)
Weight: 15 grams
Package weight: 25g
Packing size: 285 * 72 * 11 mm

Package Included:
1 X CW 10X4.5L Nylon Propeller
1 X CCW 10X4.5L Nylon Propeller
2 X Adaptor Ring