24X5.5 TM2455 Tarot Carbon Fiber Propeller CW/CCW (pair)


T arrangement clock-wise and counter-clockwise of unadulterated carbon paddle for a top of the line with a paddle, the roots utilizing an expansive tilt edge upgrade the general quality, adequately raising the oar impact. Receive imported carbon substance of 100% unadulterated carbon fiber Toray 3K woven, high temperature and weight pre-assembled exactness machining, hardness higher than regular items market, upsides and downsides of each combine full carbon fiber trim by a counterfeit pitch are a static and dynamic equalization.

Main motor mounting hole diameter 4mm / screw hole diameter 3mm / symmetrical screw holes center distance 15mm

weight: 70 each prob

Package Included:
- 1* 2455 carbon fiber propeller CW
- 1* 2455 carbon fiber propeller CCW