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DC Power Socket DC-005 5.5*2.1MM Round Pin Plug Jack

Size : 5.5x2.1 mm 

SF E-prop 10x4.7 CCW Propeller Black

10x4.7 Propeller for Slow Fly (with Spacer Rings) 

Very much adjusted and produced using high impact resin polymer. 

3.9k 0805 SMD Resistor( 20pcs packet)

3.9k 0805 SMD Resistor

4 Foot Micro Switch / Tact Switch 4*4*1.5 MM Copper Head Pushbutton

Size: 4*4*1.5MM

60/40 FUJI Soldering Wire 60%Tin


Using Method

First strip together two ends of a wire by removing their outer cover. Now take alighter and start heating the wire ends. Heat the wires till it starts melting. When its starting to melt use another thin wire or rod and rub the wires so that the wires sticks tightly.

Soldering wires together. When splicing wires together, it is important to get an electrical connection that will keep conducting even after your soldering iron has cooled off

0.018nF 0805 SMD Capacitor ( 20pcs packet)

0.018nF 0805 SMD Capacitor 

0.3uf Package Size 1206 SMD Capcitor(5 Pcs Packet)

Name: SMD Capacitor
Quality Grade: Industrial
Manufacture Part no: c1206c301j5gactu
Manufacture: Kemet
Package Size: 1206

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