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Carbon fiber Magnetic Propeller Balancer (maglev) for Quadcopter/Multi axis Aerial

Settled plate utilizing carbon fiber materials utilizing the N45 elite magnet. 

The middle settled shaft maglev approach to testing items to guarantee an equalization of zero opposition. 

Applicable to any size and 80 grams or less settled wing propeller. 

Model: propeller balancer (attractive levitation) 

Material: Carbon fiber 

Bag size: 6 * 5.5 * 4.5cm/2.4 * 2.2 * 1.8 (per sack) 

Weight: 46g/1.6oz

Transparent Acrylic Box For Arduino UNO

Transparent Acrylic Shell Box For Arduino UNO R3 Board


With EN instructions.
Weight: 53g
Dimensions: 79.5 x 64.5 x 21mm
Material: A grade acrylic sheet
For Arduino UNO R3 Development Board only

Note: The UNO R3 is not included.

Wide Range AC Voltage Sensor Module

Sensor : ZMPT101B
Onboard precision miniature voltage transformer
Onboard high-precision op amp circuits for signal sampling and adequate compensation to make precise functions
Modules can be measured within the 250V AC voltage, the corresponding analog output can be adjusted
PCB board size: 49.5 (mm) x19.4 (mm)

Datasheet: - See more at:

Double end Alligator crocodile Clip Wire 50cm


Color Black ,White ,Red ,Yellow,Green
Material Silicone cord + copper wire core + alligator clip
Features Length: 50cm; 2 alligator clip in each leads
Application Wire testing connecting cable
Packing List 1x Alligator clip wire


5pcs 1A/1000V M7 SMA SMD Rectifier Diode 1N4007 TOSHIBA (5pcs Strip)

Part Number: Schottky diode: M7 SMA 1N4007 

Bundle: SMA DO-214AC 

Made in Japan 

Company: TOSHIBA

MLX90615 Digital Infrared Temperature Sensor GY-90615

Wide Temperature Detecting Range
   -40 to 85°C for sensor temperature
   -40 to 115°C for object temperature
High accuracy of 1°C over wide temperature
Measurement resolution of 0.02°C
Embedded emissivity compensation
Power saving mode
Power supply:3v-5v
Size:10.5*13*9.6 mm
Current:1ma ... 



37K Package Size 0402 SMD Resistor( 20pcs packet)


SMD Resistor


Package Size 0402


15- 4.5X4.5X5 3 pin Through Hole PushButton (10 pcs packet)

100K Package Size1206 SMD Resistor(5 Pcs Packet)


ame: SMD Resistor
Quality Grade: Industrial
Manufacture Part no: RC1206FR-07100KL
Manufacture: Yageo
Package Size: 1206

Datasheet Link: