Electronics Breakout Boards and Modules

FT232RL USB to Serial Adapter Module USB TO UART (Economy)

Use FT232RL chip;
Draw out all signal port of FT232RL chip;
RXD/TXD transceiver communication indicator;
USB power supply, can choose 5V or 3.3V ,set by jumper.
Each module has been tested
Can use for Arduino Pro Min.

Package Included: 
1 X FT232RL Module
1 X 6P Pin

VK16E GMOUSE GPS Module SIRF3 Chip GPS Module w/Ceramic Antenna

Product main chip: U-BLOX UBX-G7020-KT
Built-in LNA signal amplifier
Built-in Flash, free configuration of product parameters
Industry-standard 25 x 25 x 4mm high-sensitivity ceramic antenna
Built-in TCXO crystal and Farah capacitor faster hot start
1-10Hz positioning update rate
Frequency:  L1, 1575.42MHz
Baud rate:  4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,112500bps(default baud rate is 9600)
Channel:  56
Sensitivity tracking: -162dBm Capture: -160dBm cold start -148dBm
Cold start averages:  29 seconds
Warm start averaging:  28 seconds
Hot start averages:  1 second
Precision: HorizontalPosition: Autonomous <2.5maverage
SBAS <2.0m average
Timepulse signal: RMS 30 ns
Maximum height: 50000 meters
Maximum speed: 500 m / s
Maximum acceleration:  ≦ 4G
Update frequency:  1-10 Hz
Dimensions 28 x 28 x 8.5 mm
Weight:  30 grams
Operating temperature -40  to 85 degree celsius
Storage temperature -40 to 85 degree celsius

It can be used in vehicle monitoring, bus station, car guide
Navigation, ship navigation, notebook navigation and other products
google link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8DSGdAr8_31bUdiMWJacjd5X0U/view?usp=sharing (亚马逊用)

Package Included:
1 X G28U7FTTL Replace VK16E GMOUSE GPS Module
1 X cable

FS90R 360 Degree Continuous Rotation Micro RC Servo with Wheel (6V 1.5KG torque)

Description for FS90R Servo:
Dimensions:23.2 × 12.5 × 22 mm
Weight:9 g
Operating Speed :
110RPM (4.8V)
130RPM (6V)
Stall Torque :
Operating Voltage: 4.8V~6V
Control System: Analog
Direction: CCW
Operating Angle: 360degree
Required Pulse: 900us-2100us
Bearing Type: None
Gear Type: Plastic
Motor Type: Metal
Connector Wire Length: 20 cm

Description for wheel:
This black plastic wheel is press-fit onto the FS90R output gear shaft, and easy to make a nice drive solution for small robots. The wheels have silicone tires and measure 60 mm (2.36″) in diameter. Two additional mounting holes for 3-40 screws make it possible to use the wheel with several of mounting hubs. 

Package Inlcuding:
1 X Feetech FS90R Servo
1 X Wheel
1 X Screw

PCF8591 AD and DA Converter Module Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Conversion Module


1. A module chip using PCF8591
2. module supports external voltage input capture (input voltage range 0-5v)
3. Three modules integrated photoresistor acquisition environment through the AD intensity accurate numerical
4. modules integrated thermistor, can capture the precise value of the ambient temperature through the AD
5. The five-module integrated 1 channel 0-5V voltage input acquisition (blue potentiometer to adjust the input voltage)
6. modules with power indicator light (on the module after power indicator lights)
7. modules with the DA output indicator light board DA output indicator module DA output interface voltage reaches a certain value, the voltage the greater the light brightness is more obvious;
8. module PCB size: 3.6cm * 2.3cm
9. standard double-sided, plate thickness 1.6mm, the layout is nice, surrounded by the through-hole, aperture: 3mm, convenient fixed

Performance indicators:
Single-Supply Operation
PCF8591 operating voltage range of 2.5V to 6V
Low standby current
Through the I2C bus serial input / output
PCF8591 by 3 hardware address pins addressing
Sampling rate PCF8591 I2C bus rate decided
4 analog inputs programmable as single-ended or differential inputs
Automatic incremental channel selection
PCF8591 analog voltage range from VSS to VDD
PCF8591 built-in track and hold circuit
8-bit successive approximation A / D converter
Through an analog output DAC gain

Module interface:

The module's left and right, respectively, the external expansion of 2-way pin interface, respectively, as follows:
Output interface of the left the AOUT chip DA
The AINO chip analog input interface.
AIN1 chip analog input interface
AIN2 chip analog input interface
AIN3 chip analog input interface
The right side of the SCL IIC clock interface to access the microcontroller IO port
The SDA IIC digital interface connected microcontroller IO port
GND module to an external
VCC power supply interface external 3.3v-5v
Module red jumper instructions for use
Module three red short circuit cap, respectively, the role are as follows:
P4 connected to the P4 jumper, select thermistor access circuit
P5 connected to P5 jumper to select the photoresistor access circuit
P6 connected to the P6 jumper, to select 0-5V adjustable voltage access circuit


Package Included:
1 X PCF8591 Module
4 X Dupond Cable

(10A /240V) Multi-function All in One Universal International Plug Adapter

STM32 ARM STM32F103C8T6 Minimum System Microcontroller core board


STM32F103C8T6 minimum system core board

Product introduction

This is a based on STM32F103C8T6 ARM chip core chip , has the following characteristics:

1, on board the most basic circuit based on MCU , such as crystal oscillator circuit, USB power management circuit and USB interface.

2, the core board leads to all the I / O port resources.

3, with SWD simulation debug download interface, the interface requires at least 3 lines to complete the debug download task, compared to the traditional JTAG debugging has many benefits, insert a sentence here, JTAG now have a lot to be eliminated trend, For example, ST M0 series of new MCU only retained the SWD debug interface, JTAG was canceled

4, the size is only the size of the traditional DIP40 package (such as AT89S52 ), has not yet found on Taobao smaller than the same specifications of the core board.

5, using the current Mirco USB smart phone interface, easy to use, can do USB communication and power supply.

6. For the problem that the STM32 RTC can not vibrate, we adopt the officially recommended low-load RTC crystal solution and use the Epson brand crystal instead of the cheap cylindrical crystal.

7, with a single row of high quality 1 * 40 / 2.54mm pitch pin to ensure good conductive contact, user-friendly core board placed on the standard board or breadboard. Header default is not welded, the user can choose according to their needs welding direction.

Chip Description: 1, STM32F103C8T6

Package Type: LQFP;

Number of pins: 48;

Kernel: Cortex- M3;

Working frequency: 72MHz;

Storage resources: 64K Byte Flash, 20KByte SRAM;

Interface Resources: 2x SPI, 3x USART, 2x I2C, 1x CAN, 37x I / O,

A / D conversion: 2x ADC (12-bit / 16-channel)

Timer: 3 ordinary timer 1 advanced timer

Debugging Download: support JTAG / SWD interface debug download, support IAP.

2, RT9193: 3.3V voltage regulator chip, the maximum output 300mA.

Other MCU parameters are as follows

 Interface Description: 
1, SWD interface: support for simulation, download and debugging.

2, Mirco USB interface: power supply and USB communication function, does not support download.

3, USART1 interface: USART1 can be used to download program, or use the USART1 for communication.

4, MCU pin interface: leads all I / O port pins, easy to connect with peripherals.

5, 5V and 3.3V power input and output interface: Commonly used in external power supply, or with other modules to deal with 
 other devices Description:

1, Power LED (PWR): power indication status, to determine whether the power is stable.

2, the user LED (PC13): easy I / O output test or indicate the program running status.

3, start jump jump to choose programming: (1, user flash 2, SRAM 3, system memory).

4, reset button: for user reset chip program.

5,8 M Crystal: frequency multiplier can be set so that the system clocked at 72MHz.

6,32.768KHz Crystal: for built-in RTC use, or for calibration.



Product Image:


4 Channel Relay Module made by ewallpk

this is a 4 channel relay module completely designed and manufactured by ewallpk


Material: Mixed Material
Dimensions (cm): 7.7 x 5.5 x 2
Weight (kg): 0.063
Control signal: the TTL level

Rated load:
10A/ 28vDC

Rated by current: 10A (NO),5A (NC)
Largest switching voltage: 250vAC,30 VDC
Below contact action time: 10ms

Pin Definition:

1. 1-4 channel - control,
2. The power supply (VCC)
3. The ground (GND)

Gamepads JoyStick Keypad Shield for Arduino nRF24L01 Nk 5110 LCD I2C 3.3V Controller Board Module

nRF24L01 RF interface
for Nokia 5110 LCD interface
bluetooth interface
I2C interface
for one PS2 toystick
working voltage: 3.3V or 5V eg. STM32
Package includes:
1 x Gamepads Joystick Shield

9-Core 26AWG 2464 9 Wire Standard Multicore shielded Wire 1 meter DB9

Part No: 9C26W-EW1661
Wire: High Quality Silicon wire
Core: 9-Core ( 9 wire in the cable)
Current : more then 2A per each wire /1 meter
Fully Shielded wire
Standard: Industrial/ Mil
Voltage Insulation: 300V
Temperature: 80 C degree
twisting Cabability fully soft and thin.

Rate= Price/1meter

2 Channel Relay Module made by ewallpk

This relay module is completely designed and manufactured by ewallpk,

The 2 channel 5V relay module provides 2 optically isolated inputs that accept a wide range of voltage, including the 3VDC and 5VDC signals available on the Arduino. This is a great way to switch on or off AC or DC loads using your Arduino.

The relays are single-pole-double-throw (SPDT) and are rated for 10A @ 250VAC. The ground for the relay coils is separate from the ground for the input signals. This, along with the optical isolation, provides a total galvanic isolation between the input and output. The two grounds could be joined together if desired with the included jumper.

The relay coils run on 5VDC, and the module has screw-terminal blocks for sturdy and reusable attachments for the external load. The signal and power inputs run through the male single-row header.