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6 IN 1 Solar Car, Dog, Airboat, Robot DIY Toy Kit

When our world becomes stronger and stronger, some newfangled gadgets are invented and product. 6 in 1 solar kit is a newness toy. Now, I will introduce it to you, which is full of magic and don't need any battery.

This nifty mini toy is called 6 in 1 solar kit. This toy includes 21 parts and can be assembled to be small 6 kinds of toy: puppy, car , airboat, windmill and two different planes. Six kinds of them look like your children, because they are born in your hands. It is easy to assemble and tools are not required for 6 in 1 solar kit to ensure safety. As the same time, your kids increase the practical ability and get technology knowledge, also you can teach your children benefits of solar energy while 6 in 1 educational kit is both fun to play with and requires no batteries.

6 in 1 educational solar kit is most advantageous because

  • it's very inexpensive for individuals or groups
  • clear easy to follow instructions
  • motivates students to learn about solar energy
  • a great self-contained take-home
  • project for boys or girls clubs
  • challenges young people to be technically precise with miniature parts
  • teaches students to follow precise visual diagrams
  • have hours of fun experimenting with solar energy

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Electric Powered Airsoft Gun Toy for Sentry Projects

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Fully Automatic/ Semi Automatic.
Model:  jG-139
BB Bullet size : 6mm Size
Range: 25 meter
Automatic/ Half Automatic

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