Wires, Cables and Connectors

Xbee Header Pin Male

Xbee 2.0mm Header Pin Male
Pitch: 2.0mm
Gender of Connector: Male
Number of Pins: 40Pin
Type of Row: Single-Row
Type of connector: Straight
Pin length:11mm
Package Included:

1 x 40Pin 2.0mm Single Row Straight Pin Header Male  

500mm 20" RC servo extension cord lead Wire Cable

Original box: NO 
Length:500mm (approximate 20") 
Net weight: 4g 
Package weight: 10g 
Color: Black & Red & White 

Package Content: 
1 x 500mm servo extension cord wire

500mm 20" RC servo extension cord lead Wire Cable for Helicopter 
100% Brand New 
USED for RC Car, plane and helicopter servo connection 
or receiver connection 
All adapter plugs include 

3Pin Connector XT60 (MT60) for ESC connection

Male female Pair with Protector

3x40P 2.54mm Pitch PCB Pin Header Male Triple Row Straight

Xbee Female Row Header

2.0MM 1*10P XBee Socket Single

20cm Female to Male connecting wires 40 pins

  • 1Pin male to 1pin female header with both end, perfect with 2.54mm mil separating pin headers. 
  • Can be utilized for PCB venture, pc motherboard and so forth permit you to plug and unplug effectively to prototyping.

3 Pin JST SM Connector (Male , Female pair)

3 Wire JST SM connector 

40pcs 20cm male to male Connecting wires 40 pin

High caliber and New

Plated copper 

Wire with 1p-1 pin connector 

wire length: 20cm 

2.54mm pitch estimate 

Good with 0.1 mil dividing pin headers 

can be utilized for PCB undertaking and pc motherboard and so on

10pin 20cm M/M Connecting Wire


Convenient for making wire bridles or jumpering between headers on PCB's. This is 200mm(8") long 1pin jumper wires ended as male to male. Incredible for bouncing from board to board or pretty much whatever else. These are straightforward jumper wires utilized on standard 0.1" breakaway headers. (Hues appeared) 



DC Power Outlet DC-022 Connector Diameter 5.5mm Inner Pin 2.1mm 5.5x2.1mm

DC Power Outlet DC-022 Connector Diameter 5.5mm Inner Pin 2.1mm 5.5x2.1mm

Condition: New
Inner diameter: 5.5 mm, inner pin 2.1mm
Temperature range of use: - 40-55 degrees
Limit load: DC30V 0.5 A
Contact resistance: ≤ 0.03 ohms
Insulation resistance: ≥ 100 m ohm DC250V
Withstand voltage: AC 500V (50hz)min
Call waiting: 3-20 n
Life: 5000 times
Color is shown as pictures
Package Included:
1 X DC Power Outlet