Electronics Breakout Boards and Modules

Blue Velcro Battery Strip 27*2cm

Blue Strong RC Battery Lipo Antiskid Straps Cable Tie Wire Down 27*2cm

100% Brand New.
High quality and durable in use, Easy to install.
Product size 27 * 2cm
Color: Blue

Package Included:
1 X Blue Strong RC Battery Lipo Antiskid Straps Cable Tie Wire Down

25mm Strongest Fiber Tape Transparent Tape Stripe 50meter for Lipo Battery Cells Holding and protection

Mesh fiber tape transparent tape stripe 25mm* 25 m

50mm Strongest Fiber Tape Transparent Tape Stripe 25meter for Lipo Battery Cells Holding and protection

Mesh fiber tape transparent tape stripe 25mm * 25 m

App Based Lamp MultiColor Wireless Wifi LED Bulb Desk Lamp Smart Home IOT Work With Google Assistant (Highest Quality)

Control method:Wi-Fi 2.4G
Case Material: Plastic and Aluminum                              
Phone system:Android 4.0/IOS9.0             
Wattage: <7.5W
Power factor: 0.6
Lumen: 550lm
Light emitting angle: 120
Color temperature: 3000K, RGB
Number of lamp beads: RGB:5050-0.2W*5, warm white: 2835-0.5W*16
Operating voltage: 100-264VAC, 50/60HZ
Plug: US  
Effective control distance: visible distance 50 meters
Service life: 40000H

Wifi-repeater: extend your wifi, repeat existing Wi-Fi and increase the range by up to 50 meters(160 feet)
App Control: app name is Dohome
Voice control: works with amazon Alexa, amazon echo, google home, google assistant

Other function:
Brightness adjustment , 16 million colors, Scene Change, Custom Mode,Timing Delay,Mobile Control,  Remote Upgrade

Package Includes:
1 X Wireless Wifi Desk LED Bulb

9V BATTERY 6F22 DBGOLD Heavy Dutty Galon type Cell

 Specification: Suitable for Arduino 2560 / 2560R3 / UNO / UNO R3 Material: ABS housing Dimensions: 1.89 x 1.02 x 0.63 inch (4.8 x 2.6 x 1.6 cm) Weight: 1.23 oz (35 g) 

3 in 1 Clock, Temp, Calendar Wood Style Digital LED Table Clock (High Quality) - White LED

Wooden LED Alarm Clock


●Three luminance levels to set (L1—L2—L3): Press the UP button for 3 seconds to set the brightness, you can choose a suitable light for day or night. 
●2 display modes: Click the SET button and you have two modes to choose. Except Humidity always there, dp-1 shows the year, date and time (12/24 hrs) with temperature taking turns and dp-2 shows only the time and temperature continuously. 
●Weekday alarm: Long press the SET key to enter setup. When ON E is shown, you can have pleasant dreams without alarms on the weekend. When – E is shown, the alarm clock will ring every day. 
●3 alarms to set: If you need more than one alarm on one day, you can set up to 3 alarms (--: A1, --: A2, -- A3) at different times based on your needs, making you always on time. 
●Sound control mode (Power-saving mode): Press the Down button and choose “oN:Sd”, the screen will turn off after 10 seconds. You can light up the screen by clapping your hands (any sound louder than 60dbm) or by touching this clock. 
●2 power supply: Powered by a USB power cable (included) or 4 x AAA batteries (not included). 

Material: Medium-density fiberboard 
LED Color: White 
Sound sensor: available for switching on/off 
Thermometer Display: either ℃/℉ 
Time Mode: either 12H / 24H 
Product weights: 210g 
Product size: 15cm x 4cm x 7cm (L*W*H) 
Power source: Powered by USB cable or 4 x AAA batteries (NOT included).

Panasonic 2 A SPNO Solid State Relay with PCB Mount Holder APA831 PA1A-PS

Panasonic 2 A SPNO Solid State Relay, PCB Mount MOSFET, 100 V Maximum Load with Panasonic Nais APA831 PA1A-PS

Smart Plug Wifi App Control , Control any Device with this Plug Smart Home IOT

Plug type :  US

App name : Smartehome 

App is Verified and Tested by EWALL

3 DOF Robot Arm Clamp Claw Mount Servo Bracket Kit (with MG996R Servo) For Remote Control Smart Robot

(Servo Included) 

3 DOF Robot Arm Clamp Claw Mount Servo Bracket Kit MG996R For Remote Control Smart Robot 

NOTE: This is just a kit, you need assemble by yourself

Package Includes:
2 X Multi-functional servo bracket
1 X Long U-type servo bracket
3 X 25T Metal Servo Arm plate
1 X Aluminum Clamp Claw
2 X U-type robot waist bracket
1 X Miniature Ball Radial Bearing
3 X MG996R Servo
1 X Screwdriver kit
1 X Screw and screw cap set
1 X Nylon Zip Tie set
1 X Wrap Tape

Rechargeable Portable Fan for School Children, Mini USB Fan with 18650 Lithium-ion Battery Operated

Availalbe in MultiColor 


  • Compatible with Smartphones, Android, Samsung, Digital Cameras, GPS, Tablets, MP3 and MP4 player,
  • Come with a bright white LED light on one side for illumination use.
  • Mini 4 inch design, easy to carry, just throw into your bag or use the carabiner to hang.
  • Battery type: Premium 18650 cell lithium battery (much safe and efficent). Charged Method: Connect Micro USB Cable to PC / Notebook, power bank, car charger, 5V DC wall charger 5v solar charger etc.
  • Using the brushless motor industrial grade fans, high winds and long life have adequate safeguards. Three speed level to choose, Upon your choice, the fan works from 3.0-6.0 hours after fully charged.

6 DOF 3D Rotating Metal Mechanical Manipulator Robot Arm Kit (With Servo) For Smart Car Arduino Robot Parts Teaching Platform

(Servo Included)


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Function: Clamping objects
Color: Black

Packing Includes:
5 X Multifunctional bracket
4 X Long U shape bracket
1 X L shape bracket
4 X Cup bearing
1 X Alloy mechanical claw
3 X U beam bracket
6 X 25T Metal Servo Arm plate
6 X MG996R Servo
1 X Screw nuts
1 X Screwdriver

12V~24V 110kg.cm ASMC-04A Robot Servo High Power Torque Support Large Robotic Manipulator For RC Car Quadcopter

Perfectly compatible with for Futaba, for JR, for SANWA, for Hitec and other remote systems.
Exclusive unique technology to ensure stable power steering gear continued to work with other servo fuse protection is completely different. Once the fuse is blown, the servo can not continue to work. Our stability control servo rudder opportunity to work in a safe torque within. And never dropped.

Technical Parameters: 
Operating voltage: 12V to 24V (DC) (this means that either a 12V or any voltage between 24V can be used)
No-load rotational current: <500mA
Maximum torque: 110kg.cm (24V) (measured, non-theoretical value)
                               1078N.cm (24V) (measured, non-theoretical value)
                                55kg.cm (12V) (measured, non-theoretical value)
                               539N.cm (12V) (measured, non-theoretical value)
Angular speed: 0.12s / 60 ° (60 degrees of rotation required 0.12s), at 24V  ;
                           0.24s / 60 ° (60 degrees of rotation required 0.24s), at 12V  ;
Rotation angle: 300 ° MAX, meaning that the maximum stroke of 300 degrees (0 to 300 ° adjustable electronic limit)
Input modes: pulse signal (remote control, multiple servo controller, microcontroller) or analog voltage signal (potentiometer)
Pulse signal input range: 0.5ms-2.5ms fits all "multi-channel servo controller", "1ms-2ms model aircraft remote control", "SCM",  and so on;
Voltage signal input range: 0V to + 5V
Control accuracy: 0.32 °
Weight: 530g
Gear Material: Steel
Dimensions: 95.5mm X 60.5mm X 102.6mm
Packet includes:
1 X ASMC-04A Servo