2 Channel Optical Encoder Speed Sensor Module For 2WD Smart Car (Tachometer)


Slot Type on the radio using optical, non-transparent objects can be triggered by Slot Type, output 5V TTL level. Schmitt trigger pulse to shake, can be used to measure car speed, distance measurement applications!
Four pin defined as +5 GND OUT1 OUT2,  OUT1 OUT2 is level output! Direct access to the microcontroller IO port, each way with a LED indicating the output status

Package Included:

1 X 2WD Speed Module

G3/4 1-60L/min Water / Fluid Flow meter encoder based

Flow range:1-60L/min±1%
Minimum rated working voltage:DC4.5 5V-24V
Maximum current:15 mA(DC 5V)
Working voltage range:DC 5~18 V
Load capacity:≤10 mA(DC 5V)
Operating Temp:≤80℃,Operating humidity:35%~90%RH
Allow compression:Water pressure 1.75 Mpa below
Output pulse duty cycle of 50 ±10%
Output rise time 0.04μS
Output fall time 0.18μS
Storage Temperature:-25~+80℃
Storage humidity:25%~95%RH
Output Waveform:Square Wave,output pulse singal.
ROHS Compliant.
Cable length:15cm. - See more at: http://www.ewallpk.com/home/1274-g34-water-flow-sensor-switch-flow-meter-flowmeter-34-1-60l-min-.html#sthash.KQ8pWvO1.dpuf

IR Photoelectric Encoder Sensor Module With Amplifier

Module Features: 

1, the utilization of imported score coupler sensor 

2, the furrow width of 10mm. 

3, the yield state pointer light yield high, yield low lights. 

4, square, yield high; unhampered, yield low. 

5, the comparator yield flag spotless, great waveform, driving capacity, more than 15mA. 

Item Description: 

Shaft photoelectric sensors, infrared shooting tally sensor, the sensor module 

A, Long Size: 32mm x width 11mm X 20mm high 

B, the principle chip: LM393, on the radio-infrared head 

C, the working voltage: DC 5 Volt 


1, with the headings of the flag yield. 

2, single-channel flag yield. 

3, the yield substantial flag is low. 

4, the affectability isn't movable. 

5, the workpiece can be utilized for tallying, engine speed. . . . 

6, the yield switchboard! 

Module Features: 

1, the utilization of the imported section coupler sensor 

2, the score width of 10mm. 

3, the yield state marker light yield high, yield low lights. 

4, square, yield high; unhindered, yield low. 

5, the comparator yield flag perfect, great waveform, driving capacity, more than 15mA. 

6, the working voltage of 3.3V-5V 

7, the yield arrange: computerized exchanging yields (0 and 1) 

8, a settled jolt opening for the simple establishment 

9, little plates PCB measure: 2.3cmx2cm 

10, utilizing a wide voltage LM393 comparator 

Module for utilizing: 

1 module opening unhindered when the collector turns on, the module DO yield low, while blocking, DO yield high; 

2 can be associated with the transfer module DO piece restrain switch works, the signal might be associated with the dynamic module, comprising of cautions.

Water Flow Sensor 1-30L / min Transparent Color

Water flow sensor  0.5-5L / min  Black color

Frequency: F = 73 * Q (L / Min) error: ± 2%

Voltage: 3.5-24VDC, current can not exceed 10mA, a liter of water flow after 4380 output pulse


ARDUINO test code:
const int interruptA = 0; / / Interrupt 0 (pin 2)
const int interruptB = 1; / / Interrupt 1 (pin 3)
int CLK = 2; / / PIN2
int DAT = 3; / / PIN3
int BUTTON = 4; / / PIN4
int LED1 = 5; / / PIN5
int LED2 = 6; / / PIN6
int COUNT = 0;
void setup ()
   attachInterrupt (interruptA, RoteStateChanged, FALLING);
  / / AttachInterrupt (interruptB, buttonState, FALLING);
   pinMode (CLK, INPUT);
   digitalWrite (2, HIGH); / / Pull High Restance
   pinMode (DAT, INPUT);
   digitalWrite (3, HIGH); / / Pull High Restance
   pinMode (BUTTON, INPUT);
   digitalWrite (4, HIGH); / / Pull High Restance
   pinMode (LED1, OUTPUT);
   pinMode (LED2, OUTPUT);
    Serial.begin (9600);
void loop ()
   if (! (digitalRead (BUTTON)))
      COUNT = 0;
      Serial.println ("STOP COUNT = 0");
      digitalWrite (LED1, LOW);
      digitalWrite (LED2, LOW);
      delay (2000);
      Serial.println (COUNT);
/ / -------------------------------------------
void RoteStateChanged () / / When CLK FALLING READ DAT
  if (digitalRead (DAT)) / / When DAT = HIGH IS FORWARD
     digitalWrite (LED1, HIGH);
     digitalWrite (LED2, LOW);
     delay (20);
  else / / When DAT = LOW IS BackRote
     COUNT -;
     digitalWrite (LED2, HIGH);
     digitalWrite (LED1, LOW);
     delay (20);

Anemometer / Wind Speed Sensor (Output 4-20mA / 0-5V )

Body Material: Metal Alloy
The core sensor types: Honeywell sensor 
Signal output way: pulse current: 4-20 mA /0-5V
Sensor styles: three cups 
Start wind speed: 0.2 m/s 
Effective wind speed measuring range: 0 to 30 m/s 
System error: plus or minus 3 
Transmission distance: more than 1 km 
Transmission medium: cable transmission 
Connection mode: three wire system 
Working temperature: - 40  ~ 80 
Power supply: DC12-24 V
Max power consumption: 4 W
Size: see the size chart 
Weight:  1 kg 
Cable Length:3m


Dimensions (unit:mm):


photo 56FE72474_zps94ebd446.png



Dual Speed Encoder Module for speed detection

Product Description


Widely used in motor speed detection, pulse-counting, any position, possesses 2 road testing. 
Module unique : 
1.trough-like optocoupler use sensor 
2.tank width 5mm . 
3.have export status indicator , output level lamp expirate , output low level lamp bright . 
4.have sunling , output low level; none sunling , output high level . 
5.comparator output , signal clean , waveform good , riving capacity strong , more than 15ma. 
6.working voltage 3.3v-5v 
7.output : form digital switch output ( 0 and 1 ) 
8.with fitted bolt hole , convenient installation 
9.small PCB measurement: 3.2cm 1.7cm x 
10.use LM393 wide voltage comparator 
Module how to use : 
1. module tank in none shade from , receiver tube breakover , module do output low level , when sunling , do output high level . 
2. module can do with relay connected , composition of limit switch etc function , with active buzzer module connected , composition alarm . 
Invoice : 
2 road velocimetry sensors module , with two trough-like optocoupler , 2 sensors small PCB board , 8 20cm DuPont line strip 
1 x 2 Road Velocimetry Sensor Module