ICs breakout PCB
Double Sided High Quality Protoboard 7cm x 9cm

Product Name : Double-Sided PCB Board;Hole Dia.(Each) : 1mm Hole Pitch : 2.54mm;Total Size : 7 x 9cm/ 2.7" x 3.5"(W*L) Mounting Hole Dia. : 2mm/0.08";Thickness : 1.6mm Materials : PCB,Tin Plated,Glass Fiber;Main Color : Green, Silver Tone Weight : 22g;Package Content : 1 x Double-Sided PCB Board 


SOT89/SOT223 To DIP Adapter Board

50pcs SOT89 To DIP SOT223 To DIP Adapter Board Transfer Plate Pinboard 1.5mm Pitch Pin Space Test PCB Electronic Circuirt Board 1.5mm pitch

SOT223(Pitch 2.3mm)to SIP3(2.54pin pitch)