Power (Voltage& Current)
2 in 1 Soldering Station YIHUA-8786D Temperature Hot Air Gun and Soldering Station Digital Display

 220V YIHUA-8786D Constant Temperature 2 in 1 Hot Air Gun and Soldering Station Digital Display with US Plug Updates

20A 1200W DC Converter Boost Step-up Power Supply Module 8-60V to 12-83V

Module name: 1200W boost constant current module
Module properties: non isolated boost module (BOOST)
Input voltage: 10-60V
Input current: 20A
Quiescent operating current: 15mA
Output voltage: 12-83V continuous adjustable
Output current: MAX 12A over 20A, please strengthen the 
cooling (with input and output differential pressure, the greater 
the pressure difference between the output current is small)
Constant current range: 0.3-20A
Output power: = input voltage  x 10A
Working temperature: -40~+85 degrees 
Working frequency: 150KHz
Conversion efficiency: ≤95% (efficiency and input, output voltage, 
current, pressure difference)
Installation: 4pcs 3mm column
Connection mode: welding output (please use big current and pure copper wire)
Module size: 130mmx52mmx46mm(LxWxH)
1.Over current protection: there is a certain range of error in the input over 30A, 
automatically reducing the output voltage.
2.Short circuit protection: there is (input 40A fuse) double short circuit protection, 
use more secure.
When using the boost power supply should pay attention to the following points:
1. Input power supply voltage must be above 10V.
2. When the power supply is used for the input power supply, the input power and 
the output voltage of the input power supply are the first to be unloaded. Then pick 
up the load. (must ensure that the switching power supply has been working).
3. When the constant current mode is used to set the voltage, the constant voltage 
must be higher than the input voltage.Do not use the way of short circuit output current,
 the circuit structure of the boost module can not be adjusted in short circuit way.
4. If the input voltage fluctuation range is lower than the set output voltage,
then the output voltage is constant, it is to ensure that input is lower than the output voltage.
Package included:
1 x 1200W boost constant current module

6-60V Charging Control Module Storage Lithium Battery Charger Control Switch Protection Board With LED Display Automatic ON/OFF XH-M604


This product is suitable for 6-60V battery charging control, can be set free to start charging voltage and stop charging voltage! In the IN input charger 660V voltage, in the OUT terminal battery, for example, set 12V start 15V stop when the voltage is below 12V when the relay is closed to the charger charging voltage to the battery, when the charge voltage is greater than 15V Relay off to stop charging, can be used in household chargers, solar, wind turbines.


1. Name: numerical control battery charging control module
2. Model: XH-M604
3. Input Voltage: DC 6-60V (max 80V)
4. Display Precision: 0.1V
5. Control Precision: 0.1V
6. Output Type: direct output
7. Voltage Tolerance: ±0.1V
8. Application Fields: 6-60V storage battery (Applicable to solar cells, new energy batteries, Lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries, polymer batteries, Car battery, electric car battery)
9. Need connected to battery, or it won't be displayed
10. Size: 81 x 54 x 18mm,  hole diameter: 3.2mm

Using method:

1. Set Starting Voltage: in normal display voltage state,press the button will display start charging voltage;long press for 3s the digital tube will flash;you can start or stop button to set starting up charge voltage value.

2. Set Stop Voltage: in normal display voltage state,press the button will display stoping charge voltage;long press the button for 3s the digital tube will flash;you can start or stop button to set stoping charge voltage value.

3. Factory Reset: in power on state press the start/stop button at the same time,digital tube will display 888;that represents factory reset settings.

Package included:

1 x XH-M604 charging control module


Supply Charger 12V 2A Converter Adapter Switching Power AC 100-240V to DC For LED Strips Light US Plug ( Economy)

Supply Charger 12V 2A Converter Adapter Switching Power AC 100-240V to DC For LED Strips Light US Plug

30A PWM Solar Charger Controller SC30A MPPT SDRC DC12V/24V Auto 30A

Application range

This controller is only suitable for ordinary solar modules. Please do not connect other charging power sources, otherwise the controller may be permanently damaged. 
This controller is only suitable for the following 12V/24V battery types: 
ordinary electrolyte lead-acid battery, 
maintenance-free lead-acid energy storage battery, deep cycle battery, gel battery 
warning! This controller is not intended for nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries, and other types of rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries.

Installation and connection

Install the controller in the appropriate location and keep it as close as possible to the battery. The mounting surface must be solid and flat, dry and not easily ignited. The battery cable must be as short as possible and match the appropriate cable cross-section (eg 4mm2 20A current, 2m length). 
If the battery is operated within a large temperature range (summer/winter), be sure to install a temperature-controlled probe (if any) words). A temperature-compensated charging voltage extends battery life and increases available power. 
To ensure air circulation, keep a 10cm spacing around the controller. 
During the installation process, connect the components in the following order. 
1. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery to the positive and negative terminals of the controller. 
2. Connect the positive and negative poles of the solar module to the positive and negative terminals of the PV input of the controller. 
3. Connect the load to the positive and negative terminals of the controller's load output port. 
When disassembling, proceed in the reverse order. 
WARNING: Incorrect installation sequence can result in damage to the controller.

Protective function

Reverse battery protection board 
reverse battery protection 
controller only protects itself, does not protect the load 
overshoot protection electrical 
charging process once the battery voltage reaches the set voltage, the controller will automatically cut off the charging circuit 
overdischarge protection 
discharge process, Once the battery voltage reaches the set voltage, the controller will automatically cut off the discharge circuit at 
night and reverse the backflow protection 
output. During the overcurrent protection 
discharge process, once the discharge current exceeds the rated value within 1.3 times, the controller will automatically cut off the discharge circuit after 60 seconds delay. . Once the discharge current exceeds 1.6 times the rated value, the controller will automatically cut off the discharge circuit after a delay of 5 seconds. If it is more than 1.6 times, it will be closed immediately. 
Output short circuit protection

Technical Parameters










Rated charging current


10 A

15 A


Rated discharge current


10 A

15 A


System voltage

12V 24V  automatic adaptation

Overcurrent protection

<1.3  times  rated current is maintained for 60 seconds  <1.6  times rated current is maintained for 5 seconds  

 >1.6  times  rated current immediately closes the load

Standby loss


Charging circuit voltage drop


Discharge loop voltage drop


Maximum panel voltage

42 V

Operating temperature

-35°C to +55°C

Lifting voltage

14. 8V

Direct voltage

14.5 V

Average voltage

14.2 V

Floating charge


Charging recovery voltage


Discharge cutoff voltage


Discharge recovery voltage


Temperature compensation coefficient


control method

PWM pulse modulation technique

Maximum wiring diameter


Size /weight

140×90.5×28.5mm /210g

UBEC DC-DC Converter Step Down Module 3A 5V Mini BEC

UBEC voltage converter to create 5V ouput voltage from 2-6S battery pack input voltage. The UBEC is ideal to provide FPV cameras and GoPro brushless gimbals with a constant 5V voltage.
Special for FPV image transmission

Suitable For: RC Air Plane
Output current: constant 3A
Output voltage: 2-6S(5V version)
Net Weight: 6g
Weight: 16g

Package Included:

2A 10W 5V Portable Solar Power Panel Charger For Samsung IPhone Tablet Pad

Name Solar Charging Panel
Material PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
Size Approx.260*140*3mm
Power 10W (Max) 
Solar output 6V 1700ma
Voltage regulator tube output 5V 1200ma
Battery capacity
(charging devices need the solar charger exposures in the sun, no power storage function.
it will fail to charge without sun.)
Application Mobile phone and other portable digital devices
-Solar energy and efficient solar charger circuit. Environmental protection and energy inexhaustible.
-Sunpower Monocrystalline solar cells and Epoxy resin surface seal.
-Slim & Light design with 6mm thickness.
-Portable and frame design fit for outdoor and indoor usage.
-Standard USB output fit for mobile phone and other portable digital devices.
Package Included:
1 x Solar Charging Panel With Sucker
Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.
*This product cannot contact with strong corrosive objects.
*To prevent hard objects surface scratching during operation.
*The product cannot endure the bending force during transportation and assembly.

PDB ESC Connection Board Power Distribution Board For Multi-Axis

100% brand new and high quality.
Compatible with MK KK flight control installment pitch of holes
Compatible with MK KK flight control system

The pitch of the edge:45mm
Can connect 1-8 ESC

Package Included:
1 X Distributing board of ESC
1 X 14AWG silicone-line(10cm red)
1 X 14AWG silicone-line(10cm black)
1 X Concave T plug
2 X Heat shrink tubing

DIY Student Learning Hand Crank Generator


2-6S Lipo Battery to USB Charger Adapter T Plug For iPhone 6 Samsung HTC cell phones

100% Brand New and High Quality
Long lasting service life
Support 2S-6S Lipo battery, output 5V(Max.output current 3A)
Could charge to any mobilephone, 2200 3S battery(test 12.6V-11.2V) could at least charge 4 iphone.
Multifunction. This small gadget not only could be used as cell phone charger but also be adopted to charge ipad,camera or USB fan. if you has a usb extension board,you could charge 3 pcs cell phone with 1 lipo battery at the same time.

Output: 5V, 3A
Compatible: For Phone iPhone iPad HTC 
Color: Show as pictures
Size: 7cm x 2.3cm x 1.6cm
Net Weight: 17g

Package list:
1 * lipo battery USB charger

400KV Boost Step-up High-voltage Shock Generator DC 3v-6v to 400kV Boost Step-up Power Stun Gun Module

  • input voltage: DC 3 V to 6 V
  • Input current: 2 A- 5 A
  • High pressure type: the type of pulse current
  • Output voltage: 400000 v(Please pay attention to safety)

Wireless Charger for Micro USB Android Cell phone

Convert your traditionally charged mobile in to a new wireless charging mobile phone. This modification is very simple to install just plug and play. Works with most mobiles. This is an innovative and practical wireless charging adapter that only measures 0.5mm thin. Also low-profile, ultra-thin design in order that you can easily hide it between your iPhone and its protective case. This adopter works with all wireless charging devices.