RC Hobby (Multi-rotors, Planes, Cars)

Suspension Shock Absorber Rock Through Racing Car

This is one of the new model for those who really want to have a racing fever in rocky areas, this new Suspension Shock Absorber Rock Through Racing Car is the best selection for them.


Off-Road Jumping rock crawler vehicle

Radio Control full function high strength 

1/10 High Speed Hot Racing Car for Kids

The good-looking, speed, reliability is at its peak on this beautiful Racing car.

EWALL- EW2305 2200KV Brushless Motor Green with Accessories (2pcs , CW and CCW ) for QAV230/250/280 Racing Quad


The motor is assembled by the EWALL 2305 2200KV arrangement engine, having the uncommon highlights from other 2305 arrangement engines. It has a maximal confidence of 460g and has additional potential that is 150W. 


Display: EW2305-2200KV 

ESC required: 15A to 20A

Max Props Size: 4 to 6 Three Blade Propellers 

Lipo: 3S

Max Current: 13A

Max Power: 150W 

Max Thrust: 460g 

Weight: 24g.

More detail given in the Pictures 

Price= 2pcs 

Suggested ESC: https://www.ewall.com.pk/product_view/XRotor-15A-Brushless-ESC-Speed-Control-For-QAV250-250-300-Multi-Rotor/878

1/14 Scale Cross Country Hero Racing Car

Full Function Reverse, Forward, Left, Right turn high speed R/C Racing Car Series

1/14 Suspension Shock Absorber Climbing Car

You don't have any smooth place to run toy cars? No need to worry, EWALL presents one of the fun-filled climbing car that can be run in rough places, its suspension system allows it to run in stones and in any rugged areas Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Ewall.com.pk/

Four Wheel Drive

Anti Interference


Large Twist Angle

Suspension Shock Absorber Structure

45 Degree Slope Climbing 

Big Size Radio control Helicopter

New Durable Structure Design RC Helicopter 

3.5 Channel

Battery: 3.7v 1500mAh

Total weight of Helicopter: 350 Gram

Crzyflie2.0 Nano Quadcopter


The Crazyflie 2.0 is a weightless, wide association flying improvement stage built upon a nano quadcopter. The crazyflie 2.0's size is equivalent to your palm having a weight of 27 grams helping with Wifi and Bluetooth 

The firmware is drafted in C++. 

It comprises of the different dialects to compose the code i.e. python, C#, C++, Ruby, NodeJS, Scala, Java, and Ada/SPARK 

Some different highlights are sitting tight for you, see beneath: 

Crazyflie Features 

Little and weightless, right around 19gram and engine to engine is 90mm 

Reporting in real time, time is up to 7 minutes and joins the 170mAh Li-Po Battery 

It comprises of Standard miniaturized scale USB connector for charging the crazyflie 2.0 that will take around 20 minutes for the stock 170mAh Li-Po battery. 

On-board low-vitality radio@1mW dependent on the nRF24L01+ chip. Up to 80m territory 

(condition subordinate) when utilizing the Crazyradio USB dongle 

Radio bootloader which empowered remote refresh of the firmware 

Intense 32 bit MCU: STM32F103CB @ 72 MHz (128kb blaze, 20kb RAM) 

3-pivot superior MEMs gyros with 3-hub accelerometer: Invensense MPU 6050 

3-pivot magnetometer HMC5883L (compass) 

High accuracy altimeter MS5611-01BA03 

Development header 2×10 pins 1.27mm (0.05") pitch including power, I2C/UART, SPI/ADC. The header likewise contains ARM Cortex 10-stick JTAG (header excluded) 

4-layer low clamor PCB plan with discrete voltage controllers for advanced and simple supply. 

Bundle Contents 

1 x Crazyflie 2.0 control board with all parts mounted 

5 x CW propellers 

5 x CCW propellers 

6 x Motor mounts 

1 x LiPo battery (240mAh) 

5 x Coreless DC engines) 

2 x Short extension connector pins (1×10, 2mm dividing, 8 mm long) 

2 x Long extension connector pins (1×10, 2mm separating, 14 mm long) 

1 x Battery holder development board

EWALL- EW2212 960KV Brushless Motor Red & Silver with Accessories (2pcs , CW and CCW )

             The motor is manufactured by the EWALL 960KV series motor, having the exceptional features from other 2305 series motors. It has a maximal faith of 460g and has extra potential that is 150W.


Model: EW2212-960KV
ESC required: 20A to 30A
Max Props Size: 9 Inch
Lipo : 3S 
Max Size: 450 to 550mm
Max Current: 15A
Max Power: 250W
Max Trust: 650g
Weight : 50g. 

Recommended ESC : https://www.ewall.com.pk/product_view/30A-SimonK-program-ESC-Quad-Multi-rotors/228

Please check Pictures for more detail

Price= 2pcs 

RC Helicopter type flying huak hulk

This is one of the great fun-filled RC Helicopter type toys. It has its built-in IR sensor which doesn't allow it to touch the ground, you can use your palm under it when it tries to land, it will move up again,


Micro 1g AV out Video Camera

Voltage: 5V
Video : AV
Weight: 1 gram

Red= 5V , Black= Ground , Yellow= Video.