12MM*2.8 MM Micro Vibration Motor 2V-5V

Motor diameter: 12 MM
Motor thickness: 2.8 MM (not included spongy cushion)
Line length: about 18 MM
Working voltage: 2-5 V
Rated voltage: 3.7 V
Current: 0.07 A

IC clamp SOIC8 SOP8 IC Clip +1 adapter Universal For 24C 93C 25 series SOIC SOP Chips

100% brand new and high quality
This item for sop8 chip ,such as 25**, 24c** , 93c** and so on .
It can be used for the online in-circuit sop8 -dip8 adapter ,it is used for a sop8 chip programming that has been soldered on circuit board , it can online programming the sop8 chip , do not need take the chip of the circuit board , so it can save people's time

Product Properties:
Output Type:other
DIY Supplies:Electrical

Connector type: Test Clip
Pin format: SOIC / SOP

SMD Parts Vacuum Sucking Pen Handheld Tool

Brand New & High Quality.
Low-cost alternative to tweezers for the pICSMDkup and placement of delICSMDate SMD components.
Soft ESD-sate conductive silICSMDone suction cups won't scratch or damage sensitive parts.
Included 3 size of suction headers , small size for 3g , medium size for 18g and large size for 40g.
Length: 15.6cm.

How to use:
1. Install a proper ICSMD suction header on suction pencil.
2. Place the suction header level on ICSMD.
3. Press down the button on the suction pencil to let out the air within the vacuum unit, then release the button to produce vacuum suction force to pICSMDk up ICSMD.
4. Put the ICSMD on a proper place, press down the button, the vacuum unit discharges air to let the ICSMD fall off the suction header.
5. 3 suction headers are provided with this suction pencil, large size, medium size and small size respectively for: Large size for 40g, Medium size for 18g, Small size fo

PLCC Puller IC Motherboard Circuit Board Extractor Tool

Extracting PLCC / IC on circuit board
Adopt metal and shielded plastic to avoid static charge damage IC components
Small hook for easy extracting IC and installation
Perfect for repair man, such as TV / DVD / PC technicians or IC workers

Transparent Acrylic Box For Arduino UNO

Transparent Acrylic Shell Box For Arduino UNO R3 Board


With EN instructions.
Weight: 53g
Dimensions: 79.5 x 64.5 x 21mm
Material: A grade acrylic sheet
For Arduino UNO R3 Development Board only

Note: The UNO R3 is not included.