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Best Arduino Projects For 2019

As we already know An Arduino is a kind of programmable circuits. And we use this little beast in our projects. Remarkably, it is something different from Raspberry Pi. Basically, what the Arduino does is that it helps in the combination of software with physical boards. You can find a lot of Arduino projects on the web but the Arduino Projects given below are the best Arduino projects for 2019. Check out 5 best Arduino projects for 2019.

1 – Arduino Powered Robotic Arm controlled with T-skin

T-skin is a wearable device that is programmed for working by bonding it with the human body. With the help of T-skin, you can easily construct Arduino-powered robotic arm which is fully governed with a T-skin. There is no doubt that this device is representing the forthcoming or future technology. 

2 – Building Star Wars Lightsaber 

Try this project today.

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3 – Control your YouTube via Remote

This is one of the best Arduino projects. Especially for those, who are YouTube ? Just make this YouTube Remote Controller, Sit back and start using it with. 

4 – DIY World Clock – 3D printed – (Arduino Nano, RTC DS3231 and…)

This project is made by Mr. Maker Lewis of DIY machines who have created a stunning Arduino-powered world clock. If you are thinking that how this stunning world clockworks, then the answer is, on the neat and clean surface of this clock, there is a collection of random words. It is easy to make and low-cost.

5 – Football Scoreboard Project using Arduino

Football, or soccer as it's named in select regions, is ultra-prominent. Monitor your club's score with an Arduino-powered scoreboard. With negligible equipment segments and no writing computer programs, it's easy to cobble together. While it's named a football scoreboard, you could likewise utilize this Arduino-based scoreboard recalling the scores of your most loved football, American football, basketball, rugby, and baseball groups, or for all intents and purposes any game.


Well, the above mentioned are 5 best Arduino Projects for 2019. Try all of them one by one. After making these incredible Arduino projects, you’ll step into the next level. For more super cool projects, stay tuned with us. We’re bringing some incredible Arduino Projects.