3 in 1 Clock, Temp, Calendar Wood Style Digital LED Table Clock (High Quality) - White LED

Wooden LED Alarm Clock


●Three luminance levels to set (L1—L2—L3): Press the UP button for 3 seconds to set the brightness, you can choose a suitable light for day or night. 
●2 display modes: Click the SET button and you have two modes to choose. Except Humidity always there, dp-1 shows the year, date and time (12/24 hrs) with temperature taking turns and dp-2 shows only the time and temperature continuously. 
●Weekday alarm: Long press the SET key to enter setup. When ON E is shown, you can have pleasant dreams without alarms on the weekend. When – E is shown, the alarm clock will ring every day. 
●3 alarms to set: If you need more than one alarm on one day, you can set up to 3 alarms (--: A1, --: A2, -- A3) at different times based on your needs, making you always on time. 
●Sound control mode (Power-saving mode): Press the Down button and choose “oN:Sd”, the screen will turn off after 10 seconds. You can light up the screen by clapping your hands (any sound louder than 60dbm) or by touching this clock. 
●2 power supply: Powered by a USB power cable (included) or 4 x AAA batteries (not included). 

Material: Medium-density fiberboard 
LED Color: White 
Sound sensor: available for switching on/off 
Thermometer Display: either ℃/℉ 
Time Mode: either 12H / 24H 
Product weights: 210g 
Product size: 15cm x 4cm x 7cm (L*W*H) 
Power source: Powered by USB cable or 4 x AAA batteries (NOT included).