LM393 Optical light-sensitive detection Photosensitive resistance Sensor Module

    1 using photosensitive sensor resistance sensitive type;
    2 Operating voltage: 3.5 V, 5 V;
    3 output form: digital switching show (0 and 1);
    4 fixed screw hole, easy installation;
    5 small PCB Size: 3.2 cm * 1.7 cm;
    6 the comparator output, the clean signal, good wave, driving ability is strong, for more than 15 mA;
    7 with adjustable potentiometer to adjust the brightness of the light;
 1 Photosensitive strength modulus most sensitive to ambient light, commonly used to detect environment around thebrightness light, or MCU module trip relay, etc .;
 2 module in ambient light intensity than the limit set, the high-level end DO output, when the ambient light intensity over the set limit, the low level output;
 3 the output can be connected directly to the microcontroller through single chip microcomputer for detecting the high and low level thereby to detect the ambient light intensity changes;
 4 the output can be directly carried our relay module, which can form a light-operated switch.
 Test the brightness of the surrounding environment.