(Student Soldering practice kit ) Energy Saving Lamp CD4011 sound and light control switch kit DIY voice control

PCB board size: 44x33mm
Working voltage: AC180-250V (50HZ/60HZ)
Load power: energy-saving lamp / LED lamp ≤ 30W, incandescent lamp ≤ 90W, short circuit or overload is strictly prohibited.
Static power: <0.2W
Extended time: 50-100 seconds
Trigger sound: 52+2dB
Module function:
      The daytime lights are not bright, and the lights are on when there is a sound (calling, clapping, shaking) at night. After a delay (about 100 seconds), the lights are automatically turned off, which saves electricity and facilitates control.

1. All components of this kit are brand new. Even so, it is recommended to use a multimeter to roughly measure the quality of each component before soldering . 
2. Welding zui good welding nonpolar first RC element, resistors, diodes are mounted horizontal, close to the circuit board; soldering electrical components polar one thousand solution when capacitor microphone, rectifier diodes, SCR element Do not install the reverse, otherwise the circuit will not work properly and even burn components.
3. The kit is 220V power supply, be sure to pay attention to safety and prevent electric shock. Before power-on debugging, carefully check the soldered circuit board against the printed circuit diagram , and do not have the phenomenon of wrong soldering, leakage soldering, short circuit, and component collision. To avoid electric shock, power and the body can not touch the power in any part of the circuit board.
4. When debugging this circuit, please cover the photoresistor tightly and take the electret with your hand. At this time, the lamp should be bright; if the photoresistor is illuminated by light, then the electret is re-photographed by hand , then the lamp does not light. Explain that the photoresistor is in good condition and the kit is successfully produced. If successful, please carefully check for false false error and dragging tin solder short circuit.