Relay Boards
5V Relay SRD-05VDC-SL-C High Quality 220V 10A

Model SRD-05VDC-SL-C(T73)
Coil Voltage DC 5V 
Pin 5PIN
Rated load 10A 250VAC / 10A 125VAC
10A 30VDC / 10A 28VDC
Contact form Common
Normally Open
Normally Closed
Contact resistance <=100m (ohm) 
Electrical life 100,000
Mechanical life 10,000,000
Coil power 0.36W, 0.45W
Coil pick-up voltage <=75%
Coil drop-out voltage >=10%
Ambient temperature -25 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius 
Coil and contacts 1500VAC/min
Contact and contacts 1000VAC/min 
Insulation resistance >=100M ohm 
Mounting form PCB 
Outline dimensions 19mm x 15.5mm x 15mm

3.3V 2 Channel Relay Module for Low voltage Trigger

Relay module 2channel 3.3V black PCB

Bluetooth Based 2 Channel Relay Module 4.1BLE for Home Appliances Control

Input voltage:6-24V and 5V 
Switch electrical parameters: 10A
Static Current:20A
andoid app:
Apple app
please search TwoSwitchBle in app store


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Note: For android phone, it must support bluetooth 4.0 , and the OS must above 4.3 
Package Included:
1 X 2 Channel Relay Module

IOT Based 2 Channel WiFi Relay Module 5V with ESP8266 ESP-01 Smart Home Phone APP Controller


The 5V dual WiFi relay module uses ESP-01 as the WiFi module and is compatible with 8 bit MCU chip. Only a simple configuration process can realize the wireless control of the 2 way relay by using the mobile phone APP .
1.Onboard ESP-01 WiFi modules and high performance microprocessor STM8S103 .
2 The module has 2 operating modes of work:
          Mode 1: mobile phone is directly mounted on WiFi module.
          Mode 2: mobile phones and WiFi modules are equipped on routers simultaneously
          Additional function: it can also be used as USB relay when ESP-01 is pulled out.
3.Transmission distance:
In an open environment, the maximum stable transmission distance is 100M when the mobile phone is mounted on the WiFi module.
4. When the WiFi module and mobile phone are carried on the router at the same time, the transmission distance depends on the signal strength of the router.
5. Onboard 5V, 10A//250V AC 10A//30V DC relay, which can be continuously pulled for 100 thousand times, has diode discharge protection, short response time.
6 .The use of Smartcongig technology in the mobile phone on the APP ESP-01 WiFi module to complete the account and password configuration, configured username and password memory function.
7.Board mode selection and real time working status indicator.
8. Reserved UART debug interface and STM8 SWIM program download interface.
9. Board size: 59*40mm.

IOT Application 4 channel 5v Relay Arduino Shield Module Four Channel Expansion board

Relay Shield (ie 5V Quad Relay Module) is a small current signal control power equipment commonly used electronic module, enabling high-power single-chip control devices are widely used in SCM system to make smart home project; and can be directly plugged into the compatible the use of various types of motherboards, eliminating the patch cable troubles.
Module features are as follows:
1. Standard For Shield interfaces and shape
2. Can continue to stack other For  expansion boards
3. 3 M3 screw positioning holes for easy installation
4. High Drive (5V or 3.3V) normally open contact closure
5. Onboard relay indicator (red)
Special Note: When using the For UNO board connected to it, because UNO USB interface is extremely high, should avoid green terminals are shorted its shell.
Relay Shield Interface: (the last picture show)
Relay: sky- 5V DC relay , model HJR-4102-L-5V, which Relay1 behalf of the 1st relay , the other and so on.
Power Interface : 5V DC power interface
Indicator: four lights are red when the relay is driven high , the corresponding indicator will light up .
Relay Terminals: Terminal high-power , high-current high voltage can be connected to the device . The 1st foot ( i.e. NOx) is a normally open pin , NCx pin is normally closed , COMx is common, i.e., when the relay is not driven , NOx and COMx open between two pins , NCx and COMx connection ; When the relay (x) control signal pin is high drive relays , NOx and COMx connection open between NCx and COMx.

SSR-25DA Solid state Relay 5V-30V

MicroUSB 5.0V voltage input
5-30V voltage
External triggering and onboard buttons 
With a relay indicator
The module can control: 10A / 250VAC, 10A / 30VDC load
Power interface:MicroUSB and solder terminals



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EWALL- 4 Channel Relay Module 5V TTL 220V 10A

this is a 4 channel relay module completely designed and manufactured by ewalli


Material: Mixed Material
Dimensions (cm): 7.7 x 5.5 x 2
Weight (kg): 0.063
Control signal: the TTL level

Rated load:
10A/ 28vDC

Rated by current: 10A (NO),5A (NC)
Largest switching voltage: 250vAC,30 VDC
Below contact action time: 10ms

Pin Definition:

1. 1-4 channel - control,
2. The power supply (VCC)
3. The ground (GND)

IOT LAN Ethernet 2 Channel Relay Board Delay Switch TCP/UDP Controller Module


Micro-channel remote control 2-way remote cloud Ethernet
network switch delay relay TCP/UDP relay module controller can be expanded to 8


Power requirements: DC5V, Micro USB power supply or DC9-24V
PCB dimensions: 70 x 50mm (L*W)

Product description:

Control via Ethernet and internet pull 2 ​​relay, then release, and can be extended by a pin external relay module to eight outputs.
Module supports TCP, UDP, cloud remote control three kinds of operation, easy to understand instructions, instruction can specify 1--65535 seconds delay.
Module is equipped with VB, Delphi PC program and source code to help you easily computerized remote control.
TCP and cloud remotely can check the status of all relays, also after each command processing is complete, the module will return to the latest state of all relays.
UDP mode no status query or other returns, code is extremely simple, easy to be embedded into a variety of applications.
Full support for secondary development, open TCP, UDP control protocol, cloud secondary development package provides remote SOAP Web Service API interface and RESTful Web Service API interface.

Module Features:

STC microcontroller for industrial master chip
Onboard 2-way high-quality relay, relay with absorption diode circuit
With 1-channel power indicator, each relay has status indicator lights up and relay
The relay module can be extended up to 8 outputs, Note: The relay module should be actived high
You can configure the module through the network parameters, such as the module IP address, default gateway, etc.
Holding relay status before power down (configurable)
Through internet control, remote cloud by local password protection, safe and reliable
Supports 5V or 9-24V input voltage
1.6mm thick PCB by the military grade FR-4 sheet material, PCB size 70mm X 50mm, set aside the mounting holes

Package includes:

1 x Delay relay TCP / UDP module controller

IOT based 4 Channel Relay module with ESP8266 ESP-01 For IOT Smart Home Phone APP Controller

Function features :

1.on board high quality MCU and ESP-01WIFI module

2.two working mode :

Mode 1:cellphone carry on wifi module directly

Mode 2: cellphone and wifi module carry on router together

Additional function :work as USB module when disconnect ESP-01 module


3. Transmission distance:

(1) the open environment, the mobile phone when carrying on the WIFI module maximum transmission distance of 100 m;
(2), when the WiFI module and cell phone carrying on the router at the same time the signal transmission distance depends on router signal


4. Use the Smartconfig technology to complete the configuration of the account and password of the esp-01 WIFI module on the mobile APP. The configured account and password will be memorized after power off

5. The board contains 5V,10A/250V AC 10A/30V DC relay, which can continuously absorb 100,000 times, with the protection of diode current and short response time.

6. With mode option and working statue LED indicator

7. With 4 isolator and strong anti interference ability

8. Reserved UART debug interface and MCU download port for program



Hardware introduction :

Board size 60*63mm

1interface on board 

IN+IN-5V voltage input 

5VGNDTXRXUART serial port PIN 

SWIMPIN8NRSTreserved MCU download port 

Button S1change mode default mode is mode 1

Button S2reset

LED D1/D2/D3/D4red ):relay working LEDLED on when relay is on

LED D7red ):indicator for mode 1

LED D5blue):indicator for mode 2

LED D6green ):work statue indicator exact details as below 


(1)When extinguished, it is being configured or disconnected from the router.

(2)0.5s fast blinking represents cellphone app is configuring WIFI account and password for ESP-01 module

(3) 2S slow blinking to configure finished ,and wait for connection with cellphone by TCP

(4)LED always on represents TCP connections with mobile phone successfully


Connection for reserved two cap jumper :

Generally ,insert them to bottom ,that is RX to RX1,TX to TX1 .Insert them to upper ,when use it as USB module


COM1 COM2 COM3 COM4 Common terminal 

NC1 NC2 NC3 NC4 normal close

NO1 NO2 NO3 NO4 normal open



Control command for relay hex format ):

Open relay 1 A0 01 01 A2

Close relay 1 A0 01 00 A1

Open relay 2 A0 02 01 A3

Close relay 2A0 02 00 A2

Open relay 3 A0 03 01 A4

Close relay 3 A0 03 00 A3

Open relay 4 A0 04 01 A5

Close relay 4 A0 04 00 A4

 Tips: all of the following are used to control the first 2 relay in the mobile phone APP. The third and fourth way are the same, except that the relay control instructions are different.

 2get ready for the following software and tools 

(1)5V/1A adaptor and connect to IN+ and IN-

(2)Install APP “EspTouch_Demo” android version to configure wifi account and password for ESP-01 module on the first time of mode 2



ESP8266 ESP-01 Relay Module for Arduino IOT

This ESP-01/01S Relay based on AI-Thinker ESP-01/01S WIFI module. It is designed for smart home, Internet of thing and others DIY project. With this smart relay, you will easy to DIY your smart switch to control any device by your phone anywhere. We support the APP and LUA source code.

In the version, we use the GPIO0 of ESP-01 OR ESP-01S to control the Relay by Low level.

Working voltage: DC5V-12V
Working current: ≥250mA
Communication: ESP-01 or ESP-01S WIFI module
Transmission distance: the maximum transmission distance of 400m (open environment, mobile phone equipped with WIFI module)
Load: 10A/250VAC 10A/30VDC, the relay pulls 100,000 times
GPIO0 of ESP-01/01S Control the Relay (Low level active)
Product size: 37 * 25mm

Hardware connection
Just plug the ESP-01/01S to the 2*4 pin header after download the code to ESP-01/01S. Show as below:

Power supply:
Connect a DC 5V-12V power to the GND and VCC.

Open your phone WLAN then connect the WiFi ESP8266-XXXX, Power word:12345678

Open the ESP8266 ( Installed it in your android phone before)

Set IP Address: than you can control your device via the wifi relay module

Package Includes:
1 X ESP8266 ESP-01 Relay Module (esp-01s is not included)

SSR-40DA-H 40A Solid State Relay Module

DC-AC 3-32V DC / 90-480V AC
MicroUSB 5.0V voltage input
5-30V voltage
External triggering and onboard buttons 
With a relay indicator
The module can control: 10A / 250VAC, 10A / 30VDC load
Power interface:MicroUSB and solder terminals 


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