2.25GHz Microwave Radar Detector Module Detection Range 6-9M Smart Sensor Switch Home Control 3.3-20V DC

It's the Doppler strategy (microwave induction). The sensors are people and the moving articles

With insightful sensor: the high-recurrence acceptance module yield Vout will yield TTL abnormal state when somebody is in the discovery extend. What's more, after a postpone cycle, the yield will have returned to TTL low dimension

With the high anti-jamming capacity that it'll not be influenced by wind, warm or other ecological variables

Generally utilized in 1) Security; 2)Intelligent Lighting; 3)Body sensors toys; 4)Industrial robotization and control; 5)Auto-detecting electrical gear; 6)Battery-controlled programmed control

Parameter :
1. Working voltage: 3.3-20VDC
2. Standby quiescent current: <3mA
3. Transmit power: <2mW
4. The working environment temperature: -20℃~+80℃
5. Trigger: Repeat Trigger (default)
6. The output signal: TTL level; high->3.3V/Low->0V
7. Detection angle: 360°(spherical)
8. Detection range: 6-8 meters (when ordering optional). The default setting 7 meters
9. The working delay: 1 second to 120seconds, the default setting 30S

Application :
1. Security
2. Intelligent Lighting
3. Body sensors toys
4. Industrial automation and control
5. Auto-sensing electrical equipment
6. Battery-powered automatic control