Wood Motor Seat / Motor Bracket for RC plane models

Product Name:

Paper airplane motor base

Specially developed for paper airplanes, generally used KT board, magic board production, drawings are below

The 2017 version uses laser cutting (laser cutting will have burning marks), high precision, simple installation, very good flight stability, is a rare paper airplane motor seat!

1. New product, competition competition extended version

The casing is 3MM aviation laminate, low center of gravity, low wind resistance, high strength

The baby has a total length of 180mm, a width of 35mm and a height of 38mm.

Carbon rod hole diameter 4mm square hole, available in the store, can be installed with 4MM round tube

2. Ordinary section

Material thickness 2.5MM sheet

Specifications: length 120mm, width 43mm, height 47mm

Carbon tube aperture: 5MM, can use 3-5MM carbon tube

Product shipments are spare parts

Go back and glue it to the combination and stick it on the plane.

The carbon tube connections are as follows