6 in 1 All Communication Module TTL RS232 to RS485,TTL to RS232 RS485, RS232 to RS485

All Communication Protocol in just one module , This module will solve your problem in common communicating interface module. 

USB to TTL/RS232/RS485,

TTL to RS232/RS485,

RS232 to RS485, automatic flow control, stable performance, extremely suitable for hardware engineers.

This product uses CH340T chip, which is truly compatible with USB2.0, and the baud rate is up to 256kbps

Driver download address: http://www.wch.cn/downfile/65

Or http://www.wch.cn/downloads/file/65.html 

The DB9 header outputs the RS232 level, the second pin is the receive, the third pin is the transmit, and the fifth pin is the GND.

The blue terminal is the RS485 output interface

S1 is a USB to 232 and 485 selector switch. The left side is the USB to RS232 function, and the right side is the USB to RS485 function.

S2 to the left is USB to 232/485/TTL, and TTL to 232/485

S2 dials to the right is 232 to 485, when using the 232 to 485 function, the J1 and J2 connection jumpers should be removed

J1 is the TTL level and 5V power supply that USB turns out. From left to right, this is 3.3V,5V, TxD, RxD, GND.

J2 is the TTL end interface of TTL to RS 232/485. From left to right, this is TxD, RxD, GND. Note that when using TTL to RS232 function, you need to add 5V power to this board, or take power through computer USB

When using USB to RS232/485 function, plug in the RxD and TxD jumpers of J1 and J2; when using USB to TTL or TTL to RS232 function, remove the RxD and TxD jumpers of J1 and J2

Comes with 3 DuPont lines.

Support 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/MAC OS8.6/ Win7-32/64 , Win8-32/64,Win10-3